Constant Current LED Strip 50M/Reel

Want to light up your living room? Home theater? Or any other room in your house? Get our 50 meters long constant current LED strip, which is powerful enough to light up an entire wall of your room. It’s also very energy efficient, with constant current IC technology that doesn’t use much power.

Model No.UTFS-CC1060-2410-50M
LED Qty:60pcs/m

Constant Current LED Strip 50M/Reel from Unitop

Constant current IC control.

SMD2835 LEDs for a brighter, more evenly light output.

50m length per reel, so you never have to worry about being too far from a power outlet again.

Unitop Constant Current LED Strips are with below CCT options:

LED Flexible Strip CCT options

Our constant current LED strip comes with below IP rating options:

LED Flexible Strip IP Rating Options

The cutting size of Unitop constant current LED strip:

Constant current LED strip cutting size

This Unitop constant current LED strip is with below lumen:

  • CCT (°K)
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 6000K
  • Efficacy
  • 85lm/W
  • 85lm/W
  • 90lm/W
  • 90lm/W
  • Lumen/M
  • 489lm/m
  • 489lm/m
  • 518lm/m
  • 518lm/m

How to install our constant current LED strip? You can find the wire diagram as below:

Constant current LED strip wiring

Want to know the packing information? See below:

LED flex strip package

Below two cautions need your highest attention:

LED flex strip cautions

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our Constant Current LED Strip:

1. The LED strip is fragile and can easily break if exposed to heat. This is why it is essential not to install the LED strip in environments where excessive heat may occur as the LED lights are likely to become damaged.

2. Do not extend beyond the recommended maximum run length of 50M.

3. Copper wiring is the only type that you should use. The wires it includes should also be rated for usage up to 176 degrees (80 degrees Celsius) and certified for usage with external electrical equipment.

Constant Current LED Strip 50M/Reel has a variety of applications. Here are some examples:

Constant current LED strips are used in many different environments.

You may use them to highlight particular objects, accentuate textures, or create visual interest for your home, office, or commercial spaces. You might want to use them for security purposes by placing them along the perimeter of your property to illuminate dark areas or warn intruders away. They are also frequently used in industrial settings. They illuminate long production lines and displays with bright white light free of any UV radiation typically found in fluorescent lights.

Listed below, you will find some examples of the applications:

LED strip light used in bathroom (4)

Bathroom Lighting

LED flex tape used in bedroom (4)

Bedroom Lighting

Flex LED ribbon used in commercial and architectural (4)

Commercial Lighting

flexible LED strip lighting used in restaurant (4)

Restaurant Lighting

FAQ of Unitop Constant Current LED Strip:

What is an LED strip light, and how does it function?

A LED strip is a flexible circuit board populated with LEDs. Strip illumination enables you to mount powerful, power-effective, very discreet lighting components in places you usually wouldn’t be able to reach.

Check out this article to learn more about the advantages of using an LED strip light. Check out our products to view pictures of the several applications Unitop LED light strips can be used for.

How do LEDs produce light?

In the middle of the LED SMD, there is an N-type and a P-type semiconductor. The N-type has electrons, and also the P-type has holes. The holes and electrons rapidly cross the gap and then merge. As they integrate, it produces photons which finally generate bits of light.


Constant Current LED Strip 50M/Reel

IES/LDT Files:

6000K: IES | LDT | PDF

Spectrum Test Reports:





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