Rope Light vs LED Flexible Strip: What are the differences?

Rope Lights vs LED Flexible Strip

The Lighting market is still fairly complex from an outside (and also occasionally inside) point of view. There are several different items on the market, as well as we usually obtain asked the question, “What is the difference between rope lights and LED flexible strip?”.

After reviewing the contrasts below, you will certainly be able to know whether LED Flexible Strip or rope light will be finest fit for your projects.

Rope Light

rope light


Rope light has gotten on the marketplace for a long time and has a selection of uses. Basically, it is a lengthy round tube that houses an interior light source placed every few inches that gives the look of a “glowing” or “twinkling” light. The tube can be plastic, epoxy, or other clear things that enables the light to come through. Main usages for rope lighting are for decoration purpose since the light result is marginal.


Rope light breakdown facts

Lights Resource: Rope light can adopt Incandescent bulbs or LED light bulbs. LEDs are a lot more typically used due to their versatility of usages as well as durability. They can be found in either 120/220vAC or 12/24VDC. They are available in a selection of single colors yet are not RGB color adjustable.

Dimension: They normally come in 1/2″ diameter or ⅜” diameter tubes. The mounting clips included often add width to the item.

Brightness: Very low. For decoration purpose only and also not appropriate for most of accent illumination projects and will not serve for any type of task lights or display illumination.

Applications: They are suitable primarily for decoration applications or extremely low light level accent illumination. Because of their 360 degree viewing angles, they can be utilized to easily twist around things like trees or be curved right into forms and letters.

Advantages of Rope Light

Price: They are very cheap as well as can be economical in the short term if they are of excellent quality.

Run Length: Rope lights can be ran upwards of 250 feet when utilized with an AC input and around 50 feet when utilizing DC input before needing an added power input.

360 degrees beam angle: Enables them to be made into forms or used better for Xmas decors.

Disadvantages of Rope Light

Low Brightness: The main downfall of rope light is the low illumination level. Rope light is not the appropriate selection for lots of types of applications that LED strips would certainly use, such as under closet lighting, task lights, high presence applications, and also project lighting that need smaller workplace.

Yellowing of the tube: This is really typical with rope lights The epoxy or plastic tubing promptly ends up being dried and split in the sun. Over a small quantity of time, the tube can show up yellow and also often brown. This will reduce the light output and also alter the color given off.

Dimension: Rope lights are really thick as well as are tough to set up in many locations.

Installing: Larger mounting clips should be utilized to secure the rope light to the surface. Does not have a 3M adhesive back like strip light does.

Small bend angle: Due to the inner wiring of the rope light, bending the light too much in any type of direction can cause the rope light to damage.

LED Flexible Strip

Super Long Constant Current LED Flex

An LED Flexible Strip (likewise known as an LED tape or LED ribbon light) is a flexible circuit board inhabited by SMD LEDs that typically includes a 3M adhesive back. There are different quality levels of LED flexible strip lights so it is necessary that you recognize the distinction between high quality as well as poor quality LED strips.

These LED flexible strips flaunt a flat, low profile shape which permits you to install them anywhere and cut where required (at any cutting mark), making it a much more adaptable lighting tool. As a result of their illumination and customizability, LED flexible strip lights are made use of for a variety of applications that range from kitchen under closet lights to replacing ceiling fluorescents, lighting a tiny hobby project, or a big meeting room. They can controlled through wireless dimming systems, DMX controllers, and also wall switches.

LED flexible strip breakdown facts

Lights Resource: Surface mounted LED chips in a variety of configurations of LED chip dimensions as well as numbers. They can be found in either 120/220vAC input or 12/24vDC input. They can additionally be available in a wide variety of solitary colors as well as color altering alternatives.

Dimension: Extremely small as well as compact. Strip lights are normally no wider than ⅜” large as well as 1/16″ high. Can be concealed where nothing else lighting type can.

Brightness: Low brightness to extremely high brightness. Strip lights can generate an extremely high quantity of light. Every project will call for a different amount of light output. Don’t worry, we’re professionals as well as we will help you browse to the best item for your project. We lug a few of the brightest strip lights readily available and most of the LED strip lights can be controlled and also dimmed.

Applications: They are used as accent illumination, basic lighting task lighting, display lighting, backlighting and also even inside and also area lorries to expand plants. Various other alternatives for usage is TV backlighting, under kickboards, display/ fashion jewelry cases, bar and also club lighting, building styles, terrariums/ interior yard lights, over cupboard lights, under counter lighting, refrigerator illumination or cove lighting.

Advantages of LED Flexible Strip

Brightness: Really high efficacy alternatives offered as well as are able to be lowered.

Dimension: Strip lights are really simple to mount in a selection of atmospheres. These lights are also called ‘tape lights’ due to their similarity to tape.

Installing: Easy to install and also includes a 3M adhesive on the back to make setup simple.

High bend angle: Capability to bend 90 degrees.

Light quality: Differs from company to firm, but usually you see a lot better CRI, light purity, color uniformity, as well as color precision with LED strip lights.

Colors and also options: They use a wider series of color-changing alternatives with a much more full circuit system for controlling colors using a remote or a much more complex DMX system.

Disadvantages of LED Flexible Strip

Run Length: Strip lights commonly come in 12V or 24V DC inputs. The DC variations of the strip lights have a maximum run size prior to Voltage drops takes place.

360 degrees beam angle: Most of the strip lights only have a 120 degree light beam angle, making a 360 degree light installation more difficult.

Horizontal bend angle: Like a piece of thick tape, it can be bent vertically but not horizentally, making some installments challenging. Strip light adapters do solve this issue, however.

Setup Complexity: A lot of LED flexible lighting kits are very self informative and also able to be set up by a newbie. For some jobs that need hard-wiring to a wall dimmer, calculating electrical power usage, or circuitry in walls, an electrician will be required to complete the installment.


The expense of LED flexible strip and also rope lighting can differ considerably, however the price does have a tendency to match the top quality also. If you intend on using your lights everyday and having them for years to find it’s constantly worth spending a little extra in quality lighting.

While both rope lights and LED flexible strip are wonderful and versatile lighting choices, we locate that when it comes to a brighter light, customizing sizes, angles as well as colors LED strips give our customers with a lot more freedom to appear the vision of their tasks.

If you would love to talk with us about your illumination suggestions or have any type of further inquiries, simply contact us directly immediately.

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