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Unitop started the research, development, and production of LED strips in 2005. According to market requirements, we have developed these high voltage 230V LED flexible strips. We are proud to say that we are one of China’s top manufacturers/suppliers/factories for this series of LED strips. Quality, delivery & service are our most important thing which we are guarantee to our customers worldwide. Consistent innovation is how we keep pace with the market and customer demands. We invest every year a significant amount of money into developing new products. Thus we are bringing hundreds of new LED strips to the market every year. OEM and ODM are also warmly welcome.

Features & Benefits

You may read the key Features and Benefits of the High Voltage 230V LED strips we produce below, which should increase your trust in us.

What is High Voltage 230V LED Strip?

High Voltage LED Strip is an LED strip light powered by high voltage. It can be connected to AC directly without a power source. Currently, our High Voltage LED Strips are all 230V LED strips. We can also make 110V or other voltages per the customer’s requirements. Such LED strips are also called driverless LED flexible strips or LED strip lights without transformer.

Most traditional LED flex strips in the market are designed to operate at 12VDC or 24VDC. Therefore, you need a LED driver which can convert AC110~230V to DC12 or 24V to power the strips.

high voltage LED strip vs traditional LED strip


White LED strips can be connected to the main AC230V directly, and RGB LED strips can be connected to the main AC230V with a high-voltage RGB controller. The driverless design makes it more convenient for installation.


One reel is 50M, high-quality high voltage linear IC makes the highest luminous, same brightness from the beginning to the end. The installation becomes super easy and you don’t have to worry about the brightness difference.


Each group of LEDs comes with a fuse with overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection. This makes the whole strip super stable. You will seldom meet quality problems in which you have to replace the faulty strips.


VDE rubber cable, double insulation, integrated waterproof design. Extrusion hollow molding technology, inside the arc and outside the square structure. This makes the strips super strong, safe, and suitable for outdoor use.

Wholesale High Voltage 230V LED Strips

Presently we have two models for choice for our high voltage 230V LED strips. Please click on Model No. below to view more details.

Model No.DimensionStandard LengthLED QtyColorCRIAngleVoltageWattageLumenIP OptionsSpec. & Reports
UTFS-HV2835-12012x5mm50M120pcs/M2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K≥80Ra120°AC230V15W/M100lm/W 1500lm/MIP66Download
UTFS-HV2835-96RGB14x5mm50M96pcs/MRGBn.a.120°DC230V10W/M33lm/W 330lm/MIP66Download

Important! Model No. Definition:

Take Model No. UTFS-HV2835-96RGB as an example:

“UT” stands for “Unitop”.
“FS” stands for “LED Flexible Strip”.
“HV” stands for “High Voltage”.
“2835” stands for “This LED strip is adopting SMD2835 LEDs”.
“96” stands for “This strip is adopting 96LEDs/M”.
“RGB” after above Model No. stands for different color options.

Product Display

Now we have two model high voltage 230V LED strips as below, just click on each photo to view more details.

Product Test

To ensure the products are 100% perfect without problem, all our products have passed below severe tests. So you can rest assured to wholesale our 230V LED strips.

IES Test

IES Test

Integrating Sphere

Integrating Sphere

Microcomputer Tensile Test

Microcomputer Tensile Test

Salt Spray Test

Salt Spray Test

Temperature and Humidity Test

Temperature and Humidity Test

UV Weathering Test

UV Weathering Test

Drop Test

Drop Test

Vibration Test

Vibration Test

Having Special Requirements?

Just inform us, and we will achieve it in China for you.

  • Dimension & Length

    Every project is unique, sometimes, they have very strict requirements on the dimension of the products. Although our standard 230V LED strip comes with 50M/reel, you can let us know which specific length you need so that we can precut and solder it in our factory for you. This will save a lot of work for you.

  • CCT & CRI

    Although we make various CCT 230V LED strip including white color and RGB color, the CRI of our white LEDs are 80Ra, if your project needs a higher CRI such as 90Ra, 95Ra, or even 98Ra, you can let us know so we can specially make for you in China.

  • Voltage & Wattage

    Our best seller high voltage LED flex is 230VAC for white color and 230VDC for RGB color. It is quite easy for us to make other high voltage such as 120VAC specially for your projects. Although our 230V LED strip white is 15W and RGB is 10W, we can also make other specific wattages for you.

  • IP Ratings

    To ensure our 230V LED flex strip is 100% safe to touch and suitable for outdoor use, we have made the strip IP66. However, if you need other IP ratings such as IP67 or even IP68. Please inform us immediately.

  • Application

    We hope you can let us know more details about your application and projects. In this way, we can carefully evaluate them in our factory and suggest suitable products for you.

  • Quantity

    More quantity will lower the cost, we will share the benefit with you.

  • Warranty Period

    Different warranty periods are decided by different product designs and raw materials chose. It also decides the product price. So it is very important for us to know what is your required warranty period.

  • Your Own Logo

    Printing your company brand/logo on the product and package makes you more professional to your end buyers, so please feel no hesitate to send us your brand/logo so we can do the next for you in our factory.

  • Anything else

    If the above issues do not cover all your concerns, please be sure to let us know in more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

The below questions are always asked by our potential/existing buyers. If you also have some questions in mind, maybe you can find the answers in below:

The main advantage of 230V LED strips is: you do not need extra LED drivers/transformers.

Just connect these strips directly to AC230V and it will work. p.s.: RGB strip requires an extra high voltage RGB controller.

The CRI of the LEDs which we are using on our 230V LED strip is 80Ra.

CRI comparison

Yes, they are dimmable.


Currently, we have CE & RoHS certificates for our 230V LED flex. If you need other certificates, you can let us know.

RoHS 230V LED Strip     LVD 230V LED Strip       EMC 230V LED Strip

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