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Being one of the most professional LED strip light suppliers in China, Unitop is always trying our best to make the brightest LED strip, thus we have developed this High-Density 180lm/W LED strip light. Besides we have other best seller strips including COB LED strips, 230V high voltage LED Strips, etc. We also have a whole range of LED Neon Flex. We started OEM and ODM manufacturing in 2005, in case you want to customize any LED strip, please feel no hesitate to let us know. Believe we will do an excellent job for you in China.

Features & Benefits

Your customers will never complain that the strip is not bright enough.

What is High Density LED Strip?

High Density LED Strip Lights provide a substantial upgrade in brightness over ordinary low density LED flexible strips. By choosing the highest efficiency SMD2835 LEDs with big dual chips, the efficacy of this brightest LED strip light can reach up to 180lm/W which is undoubtedly the best in the market. We also call this strip high-efficiency LED strip, 180lm/W flexible strip, or super bright LED strip. In some projects there are very tall ceilings or large open areas in which people want more light, this can be a perfect solution.


If CRI>80Ra, it is 180lm/W, if CRI>90Ra, it is 160lm/W. This is the brightest LED strip in the market. It meets the requirements of Energy Efficiency Class C. Your clients will be glad to have such high-efficacy strips.


To achieve the highest lumen, we have to use the best SMD2835 LEDs with 2 chips inside, the chips are the biggest in the market which allows the LEDs to have the highest efficacy with less power consumption.


Our standard strip is IP20, to meet different customers’ requirements, we also have IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68 for choice. Whether indoor or outdoor, you will be able to find suitable high density LED strips from Unitop.


Unlike usual LED strips which with a 3-year warranty, we are offering a 5-year guarantee on these ultra high density strips. Besides, they are with cUL/CE/UKCA/RoHS certification which again proves the quality.

Wholesale 180lm/W LED Strips By Series

Can’t wait to see the brightest LED strips in the market? Just click on Model No. on below sheet.

Model No.LED QtyColorCRIAnglePCB WidthVoltageWattageLumenEfficacyIP OptionsSpec. & Reports
UTFS-HD2835-080-240880pcs/M2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K80Ra or 90Ra120°8mmDC24V7.2W/M1296lm/M or 1152lm/M 180/lm/W or 160lm/WIP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68.Download
UTFS-HD2835-128-2410128pcs/M2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K80Ra or 90Ra120°10mmDC24V11.52W/M2074lm/M or 1843lm/M 180/lm/W or 160lm/WIP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68.Download
UTFS-HD2835-160-2405160pcs/M2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K80Ra or 90Ra120°5mmDC24V14.4W/M2592lm/M or 2304lm/M 180/lm/W or 160lm/WIP20Download
UTFS-HD2835-160-2410160pcs/M2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K80Ra or 90Ra120°10mmDC24V14.4W/M2592lm/M or 2304lm/M 180/lm/W or 160lm/WIP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68.Download
UTFS-HD2835-224-2410224pcs/M2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K80Ra or 90Ra120°10mmDC24V20.16W/M3629lm/M or 3226lm/M180/lm/W or 160lm/WIP20Download

Important! Model No. Definition:

Take Model No. UTFS-HD2835-160-2405 as an example:

“UT” stands for “Unitop”.
“FS” stands for “LED Flexible Strip”.
“HD” stands for “High Density LED Light Strip”.
“2835” stands for “This LED strip is adopting SMD2835 LEDs”.
“160” stands for “This strip is adopting 160LEDs/M”, other options will be “080, 128, or 224” which stands for “80LEDs, 128LEDs or 224LEDs/M individually”.
“24” stands for “This LED strip is 24V”.
“05” stands for “The LED strip PCB width is 5mm”, other options will be “08 or 10” and each stands for “8mm or 10mm PCB width”.

Product Display

When CRI>80Ra, the strip is 180lm/W, when CRI>90Ra, the strip is 160lm/W. Please click on below pictures to view more!

Product Test

We will have severe tests, including Room Temperature Test, Destructive Test, and Environmental & Life Test for all our 180lm/W LED strips, before we put them into mass production.

Aging Test

Aging Test

Brightness Difference Test

Brightness Difference Test

High Temperature Storage Test

High Temperature Storage Test

IES Test 1

IES Test

Tensile Strength Test

In Situ Temperature Measurement

Thermal Shock Test

Thermal Shock Test

Vibration Test 1

Vibration Test

In Situ Temperature Measurement

In Situ Temperature Measurement

Having Special Requirements?

We welcome any special amazing ideas from you, we will try to achieve them for you in China.

  • CCT & CRI

    Despite our standard 180lm/W LED strip which is 80Ra, we are able to make any other CRI within technical permission including 90Ra, 95Ra, or 98Ra for you. As we package the LEDs in our own factory, it is also rather easy for us to choose any different CCT for you. We can also discuss about high density led strip RGB if need be.

  • Voltage & Wattage

    Our standard 180lm/W LED strips are with wattages from 7.2W to 20.16W. By increasing or lowering the current on LEDs, we are able to make different wattages as per your projects’ requirements. Currently, our best seller strips are with 24VDC, we can also make other wattages such as high density LED strip 12V by slightly changing the circuit design.

  • IP Ratings

    If your projects require special waterproof LED strips, we can also make them for you. Just let us know your actual using condition, and our professional R & D people will provide a satisfactory solution for you.

  • PCB

    It is rather easy for us to customize the PCB of the LED strips for you. If you need special PCB width, if you want to print your logo on PCB, if you want also print the date on it, or if you want to print CE, and RoHS marks on it. We can all do for you.

  • Package

    The product package is also 100% customizable, you need special stickers? different reels? adhesive bags? package bags? Let us know directly, please!

  • Wire out

    Do you just need bare wires? or wires with male or female connectors? waterproof wires? etc. How long do you need the wires? We can all do for you.

  • Anything else

    Still, there are other different ideas, and special requirements from you, feel free to let us know, please!

Frequently Asked Questions

The below questions are always asked by our customers. If you have some questions in mind, maybe you can find the answers here:

The most important feature of Unitop high density LED strip is 180lm/W. However, not all high density strips from Unitop are 180lm/W. The test conditions are as below: 1. CRI>80Ra, 2. 4000K. Other CCT will be slightly lower than 180lm, CRI>90Ra will be only 160lm/W for 4000K.

Class C, you can find an article about Energy Efficiency Class.

SMD2835 looks similar to SMD3528. In recent years, new technology is adopted to make it more and more efficient. Under the same wattage condition, SMD2835 can be much brighter than traditional SMD5050 LEDs. Besides, it is smaller than SMD5050. It is used more and more widely to replace SMD5050 LEDs on many LED strips.

SMD5050 is brighter than SMD3538 under most conditions. They are all traditional LEDs. SMD5050 LEDs are normally used in multi colors conditions such as RGB, RGBW and etc. SMD3528 LEDs are normally used on old-fashioned LED strip which does not have too many brightness requirements.

Our standard 180lm/W high-density LED strips are using LEDs with CRI 80Ra, we can also use CRI 90Ra which will lower the lumen to 160lm/W. CRI comparison

There are so many advantages, while the most important is: it is super bright. You can use them in ceilings which are rather high, or some other places which have strict brightness requirements.

Yes, they are dimmable.

Definitely,  we have various other IP rate options such as IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68 for choice. See below:

10. Waterproof

Qualified certificates are necessary for you to make the import, this also ensures the best quality of our LED strips. All our high-density LED strips have passed cUL, CE, RoHS, and UKCA certifications.

LVD High Density LED Strip RoHS High Density LED StripCE High Density LED StripUKCA High Density LED Strip

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