360° LED Neon Flex D25 Black IP65 24VDC

360° LED Neon Flex Black series is a type of distinctive optical design for 360° uniform, shadow-free light emission, featuring a unique black silicone body for seamless integration into various environments.

Model No.:UTNF-360D25 Black
Dimension:Diameter 25mm
Wattage:5W or 10W or 16W /m
CCT:2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, Tunable White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange, RGB, RGBW
IP Rate:IP65
UTNF-360D25 Black 360° LED Neon Flex feature

Unitop 360° Silicone LED Neon Flex Rope Light D25 Black series has so many unique features, including but not limited to below:

360° Emitting Uniformly:

Unlike traditional LED strips that emit light primarily in one direction, 360° LED Neon Flex emits light uniformly in all directions around its entire circumference. This means that it provides consistent and even illumination from all angles, leaving no dark spots or shadows.

360° LED Neon Flex emitting uniformly

Flexible and Malleable:

Our 360° LED Neon Flex, featuring a unique product structure, is engineered to be both rigid and flexible, offering exceptional malleability. This design allows for versatile application across various environments, accommodating complex shapes and surfaces while maintaining durability and aesthetic appeal.

360° LED Neon Flex structure

High CRI More Than 90Ra:

The CRI of the LEDs we are using is all more than 90Ra. Thus we also call our LED Neon Flex: High CRI LED Neon Flex. Generally speaking, CRI(color rendering index) values of 90 and above are considered excellent; however, values below 80 are generally considered not good.

CRI comparison

IP 65:

Our 360° LED Neon Flex is IP65 protected, UV resistant, solvents resistant, and saltwater resistant. Dot-free will bring the most excellent performance for indoor and outdoor applications.

360° LED Neon Flex IP65

Dimension and Length:

Note: The length of “L” is the length of the Neon Flex, which is the integer multiple of the minimum cutting length.

UTNF-360D25 dimension

Electrical and Lumen Data:

Photoelectric parameters (5W)

Unitop Model No.ColorCCTCRIView AngleLumen
Efficacy LM/WWorking VoltagePowerIP Rate
UTNF-360D25 Black-5WW Warm White2400K≥90Ra360°377.424VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5WW Warm White2700K≥90Ra360°387.624VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5WW Warm White3000K≥90Ra360°40824VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5WW Warm White3500K≥90Ra360°397.924VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5NW Natural White4000K≥90Ra360°397.924VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5DW Daylight White5000K≥90Ra360°377.424VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5R R: 620-630nm//360°193.824VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5G G: 520-530nm//360°367.224VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5B B: 465-475nm//360°4.60.924VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5YY: 585-595nm//360°142.824VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5PPink//360°30624VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5TW Tunable white2700K-5000K≥90Ra360°166.524VDC5W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-5RGB RGB//360°13.42.724VDC5W/MIP65

Photoelectric parameters (10W)

Unitop Model No.ColorCCTCRIView AngleLumen
Efficacy LM/WWorking VoltagePowerIP Rate
UTNF-360D25 Black-10WWWarm White2400K≥90Ra360°75724VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10WWWarm White2700K≥90Ra360°787.424VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10WWWarm White3000K≥90Ra360°837.824VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10WWWarm White3500K≥90Ra360°827.824VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10NWNatural White4000K≥90Ra360°807.724VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10DWDaylight White5000K≥90Ra360°757.224VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10RR: 620-630nm//360°403.824VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10GG: 520-530nm//360°736.524VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10BB: 465-475nm//360°121.124VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10YY: 585-595nm//360°292.824VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10PPink//360°625.824VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10TWTunable white2700K-5000K≥90Ra360°336.424VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-10RGBRGB//360°24.82.524VDC10W/MIP65

Photoelectric parameters (16W)

Unitop Model No.ColorCCTCRIView AngleLumen
Efficacy LM/WWorking VoltagePowerIP Rate
UTNF-360D25 Black-16RGBWRGB+2200K//360°24.26.124VDC16W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-16RGBWRGB+2700K//360°26.66.624VDC16W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-16RGBWRGB+3000K//360°25.96.524VDC16W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-16RGBWRGB+4000K//360°25.76.424VDC16W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Black-16RGBWRGB+4500K//360°25.16.324VDC16W/MIP65

Cable Entry:

cable entry


1. Please go to the Download Section for more details.

2. Suggested the installation of 360° LED Neon Flex to be made by the manufacturer, agent, or other qualified people.

3. Please study the above specification before installation.

4. The above data is based on our standard product. Please subject to your actual product data if there is a slight difference.

5. The above schematic diagrams are from our standard product. Please subject to your existing product if there is a slight difference.

6. The LED driver wattage must be at least 1.2 times the overall wattage of the LED Flex Neon used for the power supply.

7. Do not connect the strips directly to the AC for safety.

8. Any acidic or alkaline substance is forbidden.

9. No prior notice in case this product or specification is updated.

10. Unitop reserves the final right of explanation of the above specification.

The following shows the main accessories of 360° LED Neon Flex:


If you want more details about the accessories, please refer to our Specification.

Please feel free to let us know if you need any unique accessories.

What material options are available for end caps ?

There are two materials available for you to choose from:

1. Silicone End Cap: Made of high-quality silicone, offering good flexibility and durability, easy to install by directly fitting onto the end of the neon strip, semi-transparent, allowing light to pass through without interruption.

silicone end cap

2. Metal End Cap: Heat-resistant metal material, suitable for high-temperature environments, requires screw fixing, providing a more secure installation than silicone end caps.

metal end cap

What’s the neon flex’s minimum bending radius and safe shaping method?

Please maintain a bending diameter over 200mm for the strip’s longevity and reliability. Installation of strips longer than 2 meters should involve teamwork between two people. Avoid twisting, irregular bending, or actions that could scratch the strip during installation, as this can lead to permanent damage.


Can I cut the 360° LED Neon Flex myself?

Do not attempt to cut this product. Incorrect cutting can harm the strip, and self-modification voids warranty. For custom lengths, please request in advance, and we will tailor the product to your specifications. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in maintaining product integrity.

Are there any precautions regarding the power supply?

Are there any precautions regarding the power supply
  1. Use a DC24V isolated constant voltage switching power supply with less than 5% ripple voltage for optimal performance and safety. Using different power supplies may damage the product or create safety hazards.
  2. Maintain a 20% reserve in your power supply’s capacity; it’s advised to use only 80% of its power to ensure stability.
  3. Never connect the power supply while it is live to avoid electric shock. Before wiring, confirm that the power supply voltage matches the product’s voltage requirements.
  4. When using multiple power supplies, avoid connecting the positive poles in parallel. This can lead to system instability and damage the product after prolonged use.

Can LED Neon Flex be used in newly renovated environments?

Testing has shown that substances like formaldehyde and benzene can lead to yellowing in silicone products. This is particularly noticeable when silicone items are used in newly decorated spaces with elements like epoxy floor paint, wall paint, wallpaper adhesive, various decoration materials, or new furniture, which often emit formaldehyde and benzene.

To protect silicone materials from these effects, it’s advisable to either eliminate formaldehyde and benzene from the environment post-decoration before installing the silicone product, or ensure the area is well-ventilated for a certain period before installation.


360° LED Neon Flex D25 IP65 24VDC

IES Files:


Spectrum Test Reports:



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