How To Choose LED Power Supply

LED Power supply

LED power supply is the one of the most essential components for LED lighting project. We provide all kinds of UL/CE certified 12V and 24V LED power supplies along with our LED strip lights. In this short article we likewise assist you pick and purchase the best LED power supply for your LED strip lights.

Several important significant elements to think about while choosing LED power supply:

1. The application environment.

Is it for outside or indoor application?
Does the LED power supply need particular or water resistant IP level?
Will the LED power supply usage conduction cooling or convection cooling?

Answers to these concerns can state the application environment of the LED power supply The environment figures out various kinds of LED power supplies that appropriate for the environment requirements. If you use water resistant LED strip lights in outside application or in humid or wet locations, you must pick a waterproof LED power supply with IP rating of 65, or 67 much even 68.

The IP rating for LED power supply has 2 digit codes that shows the ingress security( IP) level. It is utilized to suggest the sealing efficiency of the power supply enclosures. The very first digit varieties from 0 to 6. The second digit varies from 0 to 9. The bigger, the better.

Another environment element is temperature. LED power supply runs at the finest effectiveness withint a certern variety of temperature level. Power supply creates heat when it is running. In the worst case, it will trigger failure of LED power supply if overheated for a prolonged duration of time. So t is the best to use power supply under well-ventilated area.

2. Input and output voltage of LED power supply.

Many LED power supplies have a variety of input voltage. Check out the power supply’s input voltage variety worths and make sure either 120V or 277V for your setup falls into that variety. An LED power supply with the input voltage variety of 100-240V can not be usage for the commercial location with 277V power, however it is excellent for houses with 120V or 230V power.

Another essential aspect is the output voltage of the power supply. We select 12V LED power supply for 12V LED strip lights, 24V LED power supply for 24V LED strip lights.

3. The wattage required.

The wattage of the LED power supply must be at least 1.2 times the overall wattage of the LED lights that will be used to the power supply. The 20 percent more power is the cushion utilized to safeguard power supply from rise or other occurrence aspects.

As an example, you desire to utilize a LED power supply to supply power for 5 rolls of LED strip lights. Each roll of LED strip has 50Watts. You will need 50Wx5x1.2=300W LED power supply.

4. Nondimmable or dimmable LED power supply.

There are diffent types of LED dimmers, which figure out if you require a non or dimmable LED power supply. PWM dimmer needs a non dimmable LED power supply. TRIAC dimmer can not dim the LED lights straight, it manages the Air conditioning side input of the power supply, which links straight to LED lights such as LED light strip. So you eed a TRIAC dimmable LED power supply to use with TRIAC dimmer.

5. Constant voltage or current?

Constable voltage LED power supply offers a set output voltage with an optimal output current. Normal LED strip lights work with constant voltage. So normally they need 12V or 24VDC power supply.

Particular LED lights need constant current LED power supply which offers a stable output current that is usually shown in amps. The out put voltage can be a range and will be different according to the LED strips which are used. As the power supply offers fixed current, the LED strip lights will keep a consistent brightness level.

6. UL/CE or other certificates.

UL/CE certified power supply has much better security that those not UL/CE. These certificates are required for numerous brand-new and restoration projects. There are likewise class 2 and class II requirements for LED power supplies, these are likewise aspects that assist enhance the security of usage and installing.

A good quality LED power supply will make sure stable and prolonged operation with high effectiveness for the entire LED lighting system. It plays an essential function in lengthening life time of light, conserving energy, and decreasing upkeep expenses.

Due the energy-saving, versatile in style, and long life time, LEDs have actually been quick changing fluorescent and incandescent lights in indoor and outside applications. In order to make complete use of the high effectiveness and long life time of the solid-state lighting gadgets, you require select appropriate power supplies that supply suitable power for your LEDs. LED Power supply understanding is more discussed in details listed below to assist you make smart choice on choice and purchase.

1. What are LED power supplies?

LED power supplies are power transformers that transform power to required voltage or current that appropriate for the used LED items. In general, the input of LED power supplies consists of AC high voltage, DC low voltage, DC high voltage, AC low voltage high frequency, and so on.

In regards to output current, some LED power supplies product constant current that alter voltage as the LED forward voltage changes. The major parts of the LED power supply consist of a switch controller, an inductor, a changing part, a feedback resistor, an input filter part, an output filter part, and so on.

According to the requirements of various celebrations, there are likewise an input overvoltage defense circuit, under-voltage defense circuit, LED open circuit defense, over-current security circuit and etc.

LED strip circuits are created to position LEDs in string, which manages the current passing through the LEDs with resistors or other control elements. Most LED strips need a constant voltage power supply.

LED power supply was the term that has actually been utilized to refer an AC-DC source of power that offers a constant voltage output, while LED driver was the term describing an LED source of power that supplies a constant current output. Now, the terms LED driver and LED power supply are becoming more and more interchangeably.

2. What is a good quality LED power supply?

2-1. High dependability

Having the ability to run stably for a very long time is the standard requirement for lighting items. In particular, the driving power of the LED street light is set up at a high elevation, the upkeep is troublesome, the upkeep expense is likewise big, and the high dependability can significantly lower the upkeep expense.

2-2. High Efficiency.

LEDs are energy-efficient items that need high effectiveness in power supplies. The greater the efficiency of the LED power supply, the lower its power intake.

Why do LED power supplies need high efficiency?
High efficiency is not just the general energy conserving requirement of LED lighting systems, but also it can be the basis and assurance of LED transformer for long life and high dependability.

High performance, low loss, low temperature level increase, high dependability.

If a 110W LED transformer is utilized, the loss is 5.2 W at 95% performance and 17.6 W at 85% effectiveness. The latter is 3.4 times that of the previous. Experiments have actually revealed that under the exact same conditions, the previous is 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the latter.

As the power supply temperature level reduces, the operating environment of the IC and power semiconductors enhances, and the MTBF (mean time in between failures) will increase considerably.

Lower the operating temperature level of the LEDs, postpone the light decay, and extend the LEDs life time.

For the LED power supply positioned in the luminaire, the temperature increase of the power supply straight leads to the temperature rise of the LED lighting fixture. A boost in the temperature level of the LED chip will result in a modification in the efficiency of LED and an attenuation in the electro-optical conversion performance. LEDs may stop working sometimes. Some experiments tests have proved that every 41 degrees Fahrenheit temperature increase of the LEDs, the flux will be 3% reduced.

LED life and temperature level relationship. Heat is the primary killer of LEDs. LEDs running at high heats have a much shorter life span.

2-3. High power factor.

What is PF? Why high PF? What is PFC?

PF is an abbreviation for power factor, which is the ratio of active power(the power does real work) to obvious power(the power goes to the circuits). PF is only for AC while not for DC. PFC is an abbreviation of power factor corrector.

Reactive power is the power taken in by inductors and capacitors in the circuits. A standard power system needs both active power and reactive power to work appropriately.

The high power factor will considerably decrease the load of the power supply line. The LED power supply with high power factor will minimize the load of the power supply line, decrease the loss, and guarantee the steady operation of the lighting items.

Low power factor indicates low power effectiveness. The lower the power element, the greater the percentage of power consumed by the distribution network. When the low power aspect is not remedied, it would need greater reactive power, and the energy centers should supply far more than the active power.

Greater reactive power leads to the requirement for bigger generators, transformers, and transmission lines to make up for losses. PFC-enabled LED transformers can enhance their energy usage, minimize losses and decrease harmonics in the grid.

2-4. Driving technique.

There are 2 driving ways presently readily available for LED transformer. One is a continuous voltage source for several constant current sources, and every constant current source provides power to a sector of LEDs individually. In this way, the mix is versatile, one section of LEDs failure does not impact the running of other LED sections.

The other is the direct driving technique for the constant current supply and the LEDs are runing in series or in parallel. This method will lower expense however balanced out by bad flexibility. It requires to fix the issue of one section of LEDs failure without impacting the operation of other LEDs.

These 2 methods exist together. The numerous constant current output technique transcends in regards to efficiency, and more in line with real requirements. It might be the mainstream instructions in the future.

2-5. Surge protection.

LED transformer requires to supply surge protection due to the fact that the capability of LEDs to hold up against surges is reasonably bad, particularly the capability versus reverse voltage. Outside use LED lighting products, for example: LED street lights, due to the start of the grid load and the detection of lightning strikes, different surges entered into the grid system.

Some surges will trigger LED damage, so that the power supply and lights require to be regularly changed. Excellent surge protection is likewise a should for an exceptional LED driver.

2-6. Protection function.

LED power supply ought to likewise have a series of protection functions, such as short circuit protection, overheat protection, over current or over voltage protection, and so on, to make sure that LED lighting items run securely and stably under numerous emergency situations.

3. How to guarantee the quality and dependability of LED power supply?

3-1. Standardized expert design procedure, engineering prototype, small batch trial production.

3-2. Sensible design margin for components.

3-3. Select top quality components for example electrolytic capacitors, ICs, power semiconductors, magnetic parts, and so on
3-4. Strict quality assurance and test procedures to carry out tension analysis, EVT, SVT, DVT, MTBF, and other speculative verifications.

How to intelligently pick out the appropriate LED power supplies? After reading above, you are already a specialist on LED Power supply. Then you can go ahead to pick out the LED strip lights, we are constantly here waiting for your further contacts regarding LED power supply and LED strip lights.

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