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90% of clients found this information practical before choosing LED strip lights

The use of LED strip lights is swiftly climbing in contemporary lighting layout around the globe. Designers and illumination developers are executing LED strip lights right into residential, business, and commercial projects at an increasing rate.

There are numerous options on the marketplace for LED strip lights (also called LED tape lights or LED flex ribbon) and also there is no specific standard for exactly how to pick LED strip lights. We have actually produced this overview to inform specialists and also novices alike.

New to LED strip lights?

What are LED strip lights?

Top 7 applications for LED flexible strips/LED tapelights

Important notice before getting your LED flex light project began: Obtain a clear vision initially!

There is no all-in-one service due to the fact that each job is special. Different projects need various types of LED strips. Answer the concerns listed below in your head before beginning any kind of job. We’re below to walk through these with you also.

Application area of LED flex

  • What type of area are you in? Residential, business, retail, outdoors?
  • What especially will you be lighting?
  • Where will it be mounted? Under cabinets, kickboards, coves, awnings and also eaves, backlighting, display cases, global space station?
  • Will the lights be revealed to the fluids or aspects?
  • What material will the strips be affixed to?

Features and aesthetic

  • What total look do you wish to achieve?
  • Do you desire accent illumination, task lighting, border lights, indirect lights, major lighting, specialty application, and so on
  • What products or items am I lighting or utilizing the flexible lighting for?
  • Do I need High CRI for high color rendering? (See below for description).
  • Do you want the lights to give off a white light only? Solitary color like red, green, or blue? Have the capacity to change colors with a remote? Or have the capacity to transform the white outcome from warm to cool white with a controller?
  • Are there other lights in the location and if yes, what colors are they?
  • Do you wish to dim your lights or manage them with a remote or wall button?


  • What are the non-physical results you wish to accomplish?
  • Do you intend to create a tranquility, sexy, energised, enthusiastic, risk-free, kicked back, vibrant, or fun environment?
  • What do you desire your guests and also customers to state or assume when they enter your area?

Ready? Let’s Move!

Top 4 points you need to know prior to choosing LED flexible strip lights

1. Compare Lumen, CCT, as well as CRI (Color Rendering Index).

1.1 Lumen (Brightness).

Lumen is the measurement of brightness as viewed to the human eye. We are all accustomed to utilizing watts to measure the illumination of light due to the fact that of incandescent lights. Today, we use lumen. Lumen is the most important variable when selecting which LED strip light you require to consider. When contrasting lumen output from strip to strip, note that there are different methods of claiming the very same thing.

The concerns you should be asking is “Lumens per what? Per foot, reel, or meter? How long is the reel?”.

Different projects call for a particular amount of brightness to achieve a wanted appearance. Our recommendations is to constantly go brighter than required as well as include a dimmer. Running your LEDs below their full power and also illumination can also enhance life expectancy.

Below is a general guide. We are constantly offered to assist create your job with you.

Quick Guide by project

Accent Lighting as well as Mood Lights – 100 to 350 lumens per foot.
Under Cupboard Lights – 175 to 525 lumens per foot.
Task Lighting with reduced range from source of light – 280 to 437 lumens per foot.
Task Lighting with higher distance from source of light – 344 to 687 lumens per foot.
Indirect llumination in a bedroom/ hotel/ automobile/ entrance hall – 375 to 562 lumens per foot.
Industrial illumination/ signs/ tube substitutes – 500 to 950 lumens per foot.

1.2 CCT – Color Temperature.

LED Flexible Strip CCT options

CCT (Correlated Color Temperature level) refers to the shade temperature level of light, determined in levels Kelvin (K). A light resource that has a 2000– 3000 K ranking is seen as, what we call, cozy white light. CCT is specific to white light or rather, the shade temperature level.

” Can I purchase a 6000k light from amazon.com and also a 6000k light from you and they will look the same?” The response is fairly possibly no. All CCTs are not produced equivalent likewise. You might see that some lights that are “cool white” might not look pure white. They may emit a greenish, purplish, or bluish shade to them? This is because the LEDs have actually been picked from a bin that is much from true white. It is important to ask the maker of the LED strips how they BIN their LEDs and also what their selection process is.

Which color temperature should you select?

Right here is an instance of the very same kitchen under 3000k, 4200k, and also 6200k lights. Notice how lighting adjustments everything! The aesthetic, function, or feeling of an area might change relying on the shade temperature level you make use of. Select the CCT that’s right for you.

CCT Adjustable White LED Flexible Strip 2

1.3 CRI – Color Rendering Index.

Color Rendering Index (CRI) determines how colors are properly provided under a light source in comparison to all-natural sunshine. The index is determined on a 0-100 scale with 100 being a best rating of color precision, meaning the colors appear as they naturally would under untainted daytime. High CRI illumination is chosen anywhere, however is specifically beneficial in. The bottom line: the greater the CRI, the better is the light source.This score is also a dimension in the lighting sector to help recognize naturalness, hue discrimination, intensity, choice, color naming precision, and also color harmony.

95 – 100 Ra

Sensational color rendering. Color appear as they should, refined tones pop out and also are accented, complexion look lovely, art comes to life, backsplashes and paint reveals it holds true gorgeous complete saturation. You need to see it to think it! Unitop LED flexible strips have CRIs as much as 98Ra as choices!

90 – 95 Ra

Great color rendering! Nearly all shades ‘pop’ as well as are easily appreciable. Significantly terrific lighting starts at a CRI of 90.

80 – 90 Ra

Good color rendering, where most colors are provided well. You may not see items as totally saturated as you would like, yet most people will not see.

60 – 75 Ra

Poor shade making. Things and also colors may look desaturated, drab, and also at times unidentifiable (can not see the difference in between black and navy colored socks).

See our High CRI LED Strip Lighting

2. Contrast LED strip dimension as well as number of LEDs on the strip.

Generally, LED strip lights are packaged on a reel (roll) of 5 meters, or 16′ 5″. The machines used to “position as well as choose” the LEDs as well as resistors on the flexible circuit card are commonly 3′ 2″ in size, so private sections are soldered with each other to complete a whole reel. Make sure you are buying by the foot or by the reel if acquiring. Validate size prior to checking out.

Action the amount of feet you need of LED strips prior to you begin. This will make it easier to compare rate (after high quality is compared, obviously). Once you determine the variety of feet on the reel being sold, take a look at the amount of LED chips get on the reel and also the LED chip kind. This can be made use of to compare LED strips in between companies.

What do the numbers of the LED chips indicate?

When companies talk regarding LEDs, Below is an example of what the numbers suggest.

types of LEDs

3. Wattage per strip of LEDs.

Power consumption is one of the factors we as a society have started switching over to LEDs. Power level informs us just how much power we are eating while these lights get on, and also consequently just how much we’ll need to pay at the end of every month. Once more, make sure to verify the electrical power per foot, meter, or reel before you get.

Some might read “24 watts” on a reel and afterwards get residence and understand this is per meter or per foot, suggesting the entire reel really makes use of a lot more. Making issues worse, they have actually gotten a power supply that covers 30 watts, assuming that would certainly be enough. When a seller doesn’t effectively list essential details in a very easy to check out format, this frequently happens.

Lastly, see to it you comprehend the voltage that your adaptable LED strip lights make use of. An LED strip light that makes use of 24 volts will certainly not function if you acquire a 12-volt power supply, and also may result in risk of fire. You need to choose the proper power supply for your lights.

4. Proven Quality.

You are searching for a “set-and-forget” illumination system that can be made use of for many years to find. To make sure that your LEDs last their intended life expectancy, are risk-free around your house as well as organization, as well as don’t require extra maintenance expenses to replace, you need to confirm the quality insurance claims.

1. Thermal Administration – Heat = fatality to LEDs. Ask if as well as how the LED strip lights have actually been designed for appropriate thermal management as well as heat dissipation. If they have not, the LED’s 50,000+ hr LED chip life-span may drop to 10,000 or 20,000 hrs. This can be done on a chip degree as well as on a PCB degree. Do not exclusively rely on an aluminum warm sink to dissipate warm away from the LEDs. The product ought to be made at a part level to guarantee a longer life-span.

2. Color Quality and Accuracy – When you acquire a ‘3000K warm white’ LED strip light you must not expect to obtain a bright white shade from the LEDs. Ask for test reports that prove the color you are purchasing is what will certainly arrive.

3. Safety Certificates – It is tough to verify a seller’s safety and security insurance claims using Amazon or Ebay alone. Check the UL listing, REACH, or RoHS registry to make certain the LEDs are secure as well as do not have lead or other harmful products.

4. Product Quality – Item efficiency and durability is figured out not simply by the top quality of the LEDs, however the thickness as well as materials utilized in the PCB, resistors, wires, and also lead-free soldering.

5. Test Reports – This is necessary for you to verify the quality, brightness and other parameters of the products.

6. Warranty, Customer Service, as well as Installation/Design Support – We are right here to help create your project, no issue what the dimension. Our LED strip lights stand for the greatest high quality located on the market today, and will certainly be lighting your job location for lots of years to come.

Other factors to consider when choosing your LED strip lights:.

You require a product you can trust and will certainly produce a good tidy light for years to come and also conserve you money at the same time.

The LED market is very saturated with manufacturers and representatives supplying various degrees of top quality, expense, and specs. You need look out carefully before make your very own decision.

View all Unitop LED flexible strips.

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