Using LED Flexible Strips in Your Bedroom

Want to know how to give your bedroom a new look? Considering a climate-friendly, sparkling LED-lit bedroom created using the LED flexible strips you’ve seen online? 

I am Tom, starting the LED lighting business in 2005. Many friends have been asking me how to use LED flexible strips in their bedrooms lately. Thus I spent one-week searching for data and checking technical lighting specifications, then I have written out this article. 

In the article below, I listed the best 8 LED flexible strip light ideas for bedrooms, and then I also explained five considerations for choosing the best LED flexible strips for your bedroom. Finally, I have recommended some of Unitop most suitable LED flexible strips for the bedroom.

After reading this article, I hope you can easily select your own LED flexible strips.

Let’s dive right in!

Best 8 LED Flexible Strip Lights Ideas for Bedroom

The most important reason why people want to decorate their bedrooms with LED flexible strip lights is that they can create a relaxing, warm and romantic atmosphere. Bedroom lighting, in addition to providing a soft light source for a peaceful sleep, also helps relieve fatigue from stressful work and life and creates a relaxing home environment. 

Below you can find 8 LED flexible strip light ideas for the bedroom:

1. Along The Ceiling

LED flexible strips Along The Ceiling

You can use LED flexible strips along the ceiling to create a soft and diffuse light that fills the room. This can be especially nice if you have a high ceiling and want to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Use ceiling coves – not only can this be used to provide your room with the same mysterious drift look, but it can also be easily stylized to complement the current general lighting in your room.

In addition, you can also choose aluminum profiles as recesses to provide a primary way of positioning LEDs, allowing you to quickly hide strips of light from over-stimulation of the eyes, and use empty areas of the ceiling to create a mysterious look.

For convenience, you can also use the 3M tape on the back of the strip to attach the flexible LED strip to the edge of the ceiling.

2. Along The Top of The Headboard

LED flexible strips Along The Top of The Headboard

LED flexible strips can be placed along the top of the headboard to provide a soft, ambient light that is perfect for reading or relaxing before bed. You can use LED flexible strips to backlight your headboard, creating a soft and subtle glow in the room. This can be especially nice if you like to read in bed. LED strips can be installed behind or around the headboard to create a unique and stylish lighting feature.

Nowadays, most people are used to holding their mobile phones in bed at night for several hours before sleeping. This makes the reading light extremely important as bad lighting will easily hurt their eyes and cause serious trouble as time goes by.

Creating a romantic ambiance with LED flexible strip lights around the headboard is also important to family life. After a long day’s hard work, the lovers and couples go to bed and enjoy the wonderful night period. They don’t want to be too bright. Thus, they will dim the light to be romantic.

3. Under The Bed

LED flexible strips Under the bed side

Another key part of using LED flexible strips in your bedroom is utilizing the bed itself. Your bed is often the centerpiece of your room, or at least its wonderful feature that draws the eye. So if you have a strong frame, you may consider adding lights around the underneath. Thus, beautiful LED flexible strips with dimmers or controllers can be the best choice.

Placing LED strips under the bed can create a subtle, ethereal glow that is perfect for setting a calming mood in the bedroom. LED strips can create a soft and cozy ambiance by installing them under the bed frame.

Some people will be afraid to sleep alone because of the darkness, so keeping the LED flexible strips lit all night through can be an excellent way to reduce their fear.

Many people habitually get up late at night to go to the toilet. Turning on the LED flexible strip light under the bed will not wake their roommate. It will also make the short trip much safer, especially for old people.

4. Along The Baseboards

LED flexible strips Along The Baseboards

LED flexible strips can be used to add a warm, inviting touch to your bedroom by highlighting the baseboards. LED flexible strips along the baseboards can create a subtle and chic look in the bedroom. This can be especially nice if you want to highlight architectural features or add a touch of sophistication to the space.

The bedroom is the most important room of all your apartment rooms, so people are willing to invest more to make the bedroom more comfortable. Using LED flexible strips along the baseboards can be an excellent way to light up the whole bedroom.

5. Behind Artwork or Mirrors, Inside a Shelving Unit

LED flexible strips in floating shelves in bedroom

Many people have large bedrooms; thus, they put more decorated furniture or other display cases. Some people like to collect art. They will display their artwork in the bedroom on the walls or in the shelving unit, and they can use LED flexible strips to highlight their favorite articles and add a decorative touch.

Some people like reading at night, and they will have a bookcase in their bedroom to have a good display of books and quickly find the book they want. They also need suitable LED flexible strips for the bookcase.

6. Behind The TV

LED flexible strips behind the TV

LED flexible strips can be a great way to add some ambiance and improve the visual experience of watching TV.

LED flexible strips can provide a gentle, diffuse light that can help create a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in your home theater or living room.

LED strips can help reduce the strain on your eyes when watching TV in a dark room. They can also enhance the overall visual experience by providing a halo effect around the TV.

LED lights are much more energy efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you can enjoy the ambiance of your LED strips without worrying about high energy bills.

7. In The Closet

LED flexible strips in the closet

One of the best ways to provide originality to your bedroom is to target rooms that are usually hidden from view. Closets offer a rare opportunity, or a difficult one, to add some real personality to your bedroom, with the advantage of being a truly useful light source. Depending on the shape and size of the cabinet space, you may often choose to place LED light strips on top or underneath the closet- why not try them in a box?

An often missed opportunity is to use the room inside the closet to find a bright spot when the room is dimly lit. The LED flex strips here provide practical lighting and add character and uniqueness to your bedroom, allowing the atmosphere to change as you use it.

8. Under Window Cornice

LED flexible strips under window cornice

LED flexible strips can be a great way to add some ambiance and a decorative touch to a room by installing them under a window cornice.

LED flexible strips can be easily cut to size and bent to fit around corners and other obstacles, making them versatile and easy to install in the window cornice.

There are two main types of LED flexible strips under window cornices: single color and RGB color. The single-color LED flexible strips are great if you want to add some light to a dark area without changing the room’s color temperature. If you want to change the mood of the room, then go with RGB color-changing LED strip lights.

Top 5 considerations for choosing the best LED flexible strips for the bedroom

What are the main considerations of LED flexible strips that you care about in bedroom design? Here are several important tips you should consider before purchasing the correct LED flexible strips for your bedroom.

1. Safety

COB LED Strip 4 UTFS-SLCOB420-2410

Safety is the priority of all, you don’t want to put yourself in danger by selecting bad quality LED strips that may cause danger or even catch fire, so we recommend you choose the best quality LED flexible strips with reasonable prices together with all types of certificates such as CE/RoHS, UL, CSA, SAA or other certificates. Also, choose products from famous and reliable suppliers who have been in this line for many years.

2. Color

LED strips with different CCTs

Basically, the color of LED flexible strip lights is mainly based on your home’s decoration style and tone. We usually suggest warm white(3000K) or natural white(4000K) for bedrooms. However, we sometimes recommend RGB strips with controllers to create a colorful and romantic bedroom atmosphere.

In fact, the bedroom is the main place for people to rest. It is better to choose low brightness or low color temperature lights, do not choose too bright or too harsh lights. For example, we can use warm white(3000K), with a little yellow inside, to create a warm sleeping environment, giving a kind and lively feeling.

3. Remote Control

LED flexible strips with remote control

Convenience is a critical factor when using LED flexible lights in the bedroom. Nowadays, many LED flexible strips are equipped with remote control, and some smart LED flexible strips can be controlled by APP or voice to switch on and off, changing the color or brightness. We can choose suitable colors and brightness for your specific requirements.

4. Brightness & Dimmable

LED flexible strips with dimmer

Most LED flexible strips are dimmable. Using them with dimmers can cater to your different requirements. For example, you need brighter light when reading books in bed, and just slight light when going to sleep. You also use a dimmer to control the brightness of the LED flexible strips to save electricity bills.

5. Easy to install

LED strips installation

Labor costs in many countries can be huge, so selecting LED flexible strips which are easy to install can be critical. 

Using LED flexible strips in your bedroom can also be great fun if you want to DIY install them. You want to install them within minutes and use them immediately, that’s it!

Some LED flexible strips from us, like high voltage 230V LED strips, you don’t need any LED power supply, you only need to plug them into 230V directly, and it will work perfectly.

Get the Best Unitop LED Strip Lights for your Bedroom

After presenting the best LED flexible strip lights ideas and top considerations for choosing the best LED flexible strips for the bedroom. I would like to recommend Unitop LED flexible LED strips, which come in various selections.

We have listed below some Unitop LED flexible strips for your bedroom.

SMD2835 LED flexible strip

SMD2835 LED flexible strips

Our standard SMD2835 LED strips have not-too-bright, not-too-dark light output. they are with traditional SMD2835 LEDs with a size: of 2.8*3.5mm. They are 80-120lm/W which is enough for bedroom lighting.

COB LED Strip 5 UTFS-TWCOB840-2410

COB LED strip

This LED flexible strip use COB LEDs as a light source, you can not see single LEDs when light on, so this can be a perfect choice if you hate seeing single LEDs when light on. We have several different series COB LED strips for your different requirements. We suggest using our basic series COB LEDs strips, which are already enough for your bedroom requirements.

SMD5050 RGB LED Strip

SMD5050 LED strip

LED flexible strips with SMD5050 are perfect if you need multi-color solutions. SMD5050 LED is with 3 chips inside Red, Green, and Blue. You can select different color change modes when connecting these strips to the controller. You can also choose our RGB COB LED strips.

AC230V LED Strip

High Voltage 230V LED strip

Other types of LED flexible strip light are 24V or 12VDC. You will have to use an LED power supply to power it on. However, these high voltage 230V LED strips can be connected to the 230V directly, so it will save the cost of buying an extra driver and the labor cost of installing the drivers. Thus it is much easier to install.

In Conclusion

LED strips can be a fun and creative way to add personality and ambiance to your bedroom. There are a variety of ideas to choose from, there are also so many things to consider before you can finally get the best LED flexible strips for your bedroom requirements.

Want to learn more? Check out our other articles about Best LED Strips Ideas.

In case you need further assistance, we are always here! You can contact us directly anytime you want.

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