Advantages of COB LED Flexible Strip

In the realm of lighting, technology ceaselessly evolves, transforming how we perceive, interact with, and utilize light in our daily lives. Leading this change is the breakthrough Chip-on-Board (COB) LED Flexible Strips technology, an innovation that is not only redefining the standards for efficiency but also revolutionizing the aesthetic appeal of lighting.

This in-depth exploration into the world of COB LED technology will enlighten you about its evolution and core principles, while also highlighting the unique advantages it has to offer. Whether you’re a lighting enthusiast, a professional designer, or a homeowner seeking to upgrade your space, this guide will provide insightful knowledge. Ultimately, it aims to demonstrate why COB LED strips have transcended the status of being a mere trend and are swiftly illuminating the path to the future of lighting.

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COB LED Strips: Unpacking the Basics

What is COB LED and What is COB LED strip


COB (Chip-on-Board) LED technology involves mounting multiple LED chips directly onto a substrate to form a single module. The diodes are packed tightly, minimizing the space between them, resulting in a light source that resembles a lighting panel rather than individual LEDs.

A COB LED flexible strip is a type of LED light that uses a single, large LED chip to produce light. The LED chip is mounted directly on a flexible PCB, which makes the strip easy to bend and install.

The Manufacturing Process of COB LED Flexible Strips

The manufacturing process of flexible COB LED strips involves placing multiple LED chips on a flexible substrate and directly applying phosphor and encapsulant. This results in an LED strip that boasts high luminous efficiency, a large heat-dissipating area, and an impressively small size.

COB LED vs SMD LED Strip Lights: A Comparative Analysis

COB LED Strip VS Traditional LED Strip

Comparison of Lighting Technologies

When it comes to lighting technologies, SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LED strips have long been the standard. However, COB LED strips bring a host of improvements. With their compact chip placement, COB LED strips offer a brighter, more consistent light output, greater flexibility, and superior thermal performance. The most important of all, it is dotless.

Key Differences: COB vs SMD LED Strips

While SMD LED strips use separate chips, each encapsulated individually, COB LED strips have multiple chips directly mounted on the substrate, resulting in a higher packing density and improved lighting performance. Furthermore, COB LED strips offer a broader beam angle of 180 degrees, better heat dissipation, and increased reliability.

Diving Deeper: COB Strip LED Characteristics

Unique Features of COB LED Strips

Strip LED COB stand out for their high-density LED arrangement, producing a more uniform light output. You can see no lighting dots, even without aluminum profiles. With their closely packed chips, these strips also offer higher brightness levels, superior flexibility, and excellent heat management, making them the choice for demanding lighting applications.

Power Requirements: The 24VDC Advantage

Unlike traditional LED strips that operate at 12VDC, most COB LED strips require a 24VDC power supply. All Unitop COB LED strips are 24v COB LED strip light at present. The slightly higher voltage results in better performance and longer run lengths, making these strips ideal for larger installations. Some people may insist on 12V COB LED strip, it is also achievable.

Long Run Lengths for Versatile Use

COB LED Strip 2 UTFS-SLCOB420-2410

COB LED strips can run up to 10 meters or more without significant voltage drop, making them perfect for large-scale installations. These strips offer a versatile lighting solution from commercial spaces to residential settings.

Varied Color Options: Customizable Lighting Solutions

COB LEDs color options

COB LED strips are available in a wide range of colors, from cool white to warm white and everything in between, tunable white color, RGB, RGBW, or more. They can be easily customized to create the desired ambiance, making them perfect for a wide array of applications.

Strip Dimensions and Length Options

COB LED strips come in a variety of lengths(5M or 10M/reel) and widths(4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and others), offering flexibility for different installation requirements. Whether you need a short strip for under-cabinet lighting or a long one for perimeter lighting, there’s a COB LED strip to meet your needs.

Understanding IP Grades for Water and Dust Resistance


COB LED strips have different IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, reflecting their resistance to dust and water. From IP20-rated strips suitable for dry indoor environments to IP68-rated strips for outdoor or humid conditions, you can choose the right strip based on the installation environment.

COB LED Strips: Unveiling the Advantages

Seamless Lighting: Eliminating LED Lighting Dots

COB LED Strip 5 UTFS-COB560-2412RGBW

One of the primary advantages of COB LED strips is their ability to provide a seamless, dot-free lighting effect. Thanks to the high-density chip arrangement, these strips create a continuous stream of light, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Superior Flexibility: The Key to Unique Design Solutions

COB LED strips are incredibly flexible, making them perfect for illuminating curved surfaces and tight corners. This superior flexibility opens up a world of unique design possibilities, allowing you to create innovative lighting solutions.

Stability and Reliability: Ensuring Longevity

With their excellent thermal management and robust design, COB LED strips ensure long-term stability and reliability. These strips can withstand challenging conditions while providing consistent performance, promising a long lifespan.

Wide Emitting Angle: Optimal Illumination Explained

COB LED strips have a broad emitting angle, typically around 180 degrees. This wide angle ensures optimal illumination, spreading light evenly across a large area.

Anti-vulcanization and Anti-static Properties: The Added Benefits

COB LED strips are designed with anti-vulcanization and anti-static properties, enhancing their durability. These features protect the strips from environmental factors, ensuring they continue to perform optimally over time.

Electrical Properties of COB LED Strips

COB LED strips are characterized by low power consumption, high electrical efficiency, and low thermal resistance. These electrical properties, combined with the superior brightness they offer, make them an energy-efficient lighting solution.

Disadvantages of COB LED Strips: A Balanced View

Maintaining Color Consistency

While COB LED strips offer numerous advantages, maintaining color consistency across different batches can be challenging. However, reputable manufacturers like Unitop have stringent quality control measures to ensure color consistency in their products.

Luminous Efficiency and Power Considerations

Despite their high brightness levels, COB LED strips may have lower luminous efficiency than other LED technologies. Furthermore, they require a higher voltage power supply, which may not always be readily available.

Shining the Spotlight on COB LED Strip Advantages

Uniform, No-spot Lighting

The densely packed chips of COB LED strips provide an uninterrupted light flow. This uniform, no-spot lighting enhances the ambiance of any space, making it feel more inviting and comfortable.

High-intensity Brightness

COB LED strips are known for their high-intensity brightness. Despite their compact size, these strips can produce a significant amount of light, making them ideal for applications requiring bright, concentrated illumination.

Superior Flexibility for Tight Spaces

The thin and flexible nature of COB LED strips makes them perfect for tight spaces. They can be bent and twisted to fit into narrow areas, providing illumination where traditional LEDs cannot reach.

High Efficiency and Heat Dissipation

COB LED strips boast high electrical efficiency and excellent heat dissipation. These features ensure that the strips remain cool during operation, extending their lifespan and reducing the risk of overheating.

Wider Beam Angle for Broad Coverage

With their wide beam angle, COB LED strips provide broad coverage, ensuring optimal illumination. Whether you’re lighting up a large room or a small corner, these strips ensure every inch is well-lit.

Practical Applications of COB LED Strips

Illuminating Different Spaces with COB LED Strips

COB LED strips are incredibly versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. They can be used for accent, task, and general lighting. From illuminating kitchen countertops and display cabinets to highlighting architectural features, COB LED strips can transform any space.

Use Cases: From Under Cabinet Lighting to Backlighting

Under cabinet lighting, architectural backlighting, cove lighting, and signage illumination are just a few examples of the practical applications of COB LED lighting strips. With their flexibility, brightness, and smooth light output, they can bring a unique aesthetic appeal to any design project.

Installation Guide: Setting Up Your COB LED Strip

Step-by-step Process to Install COB LED Strips

Installing COB flexible LED strip is a straightforward process. Begin by planning your layout and measuring the strip length you need. Cut the strip only at the designated points, then peel off the adhesive backing and stick it to the surface. Connect the strip to a suitable power supply, ensuring the voltage matches the strip’s requirements. Finally, test the installation to verify it works as expected.

Pro Tips for a Successful Installation

Always ensure the surface is clean and dry before applying the strip for a successful installation. When cutting, always cut along the designated lines to avoid damaging the strip. And remember, COB LED flex strips generate heat, so they need to be installed on a heat-resistant surface for optimal performance and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions about COB LED Strips

COB stands for Chip-on-Board. It refers to the process of directly packaging the LED die on the circuit board. This compact arrangement allows for brighter, more uniform lighting output than traditional LED strips.

The design of COB LED strips with closely spaced, tiny diodes provides exceptional flexibility. This allows the strips to be easily installed in tight spaces and maneuvered around corners.

COB LED strips require a 24VDC power supply. This is slightly higher than the standard 12VDC required for other LED strips, but it’s necessary given the high number of diodes in the circuit.

COB LED strips are more efficient in heat dissipation than their counterparts. They are directly affixed to the flexible PCB board, enabling them to spread heat from the light source to the PCB, thus increasing the LEDs’ lifespan.

One of the significant advantages of COB LED strips is that they significantly reduce the appearance of hotspots. Thanks to the densely packed LEDs, the strips emit a smooth, continuous light, eliminating the uneven light distribution often seen with traditional LED strips.

Yes, COB LED strips come in standard white outputs like Cool White, Warm White, and Neutral White. There are also RGBW COB light options for a more colorful lighting design.

COB LED strips are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from under-cabinet lighting in kitchens to backlighting for TVs or mirrors. Their unique design also makes them ideal for use on reflective surfaces like granite or glass.

COB LED strips can be connected for runs as long as two full reels, which is about 32.8 ft. This makes them an excellent solution for applications requiring long, straight-light runs.

Absolutely! COB LED strips, particularly those from Unitop, boast a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) of over 90. This means they can reproduce colors more accurately, making them ideal for applications where color fidelity is essential.


COB LED lighting strips are not just a trend but the future of lighting. With their superior brightness, flexibility, and energy efficiency, they offer a versatile solution for various lighting needs. They represent the best of LED technology, promising to enhance our lighting experiences in the years to come.

In summary, COB LED flexible strips offer numerous benefits. They provide seamless, high-intensity lighting, are highly flexible, offer excellent heat dissipation, and have a wide beam angle for optimal illumination. Despite a few challenges, their advantages make them a preferred choice for both residential and commercial lighting applications. Discover the revolution of COB LED lighting and illuminate your world in a whole new way.

In the bright landscape of lighting innovation, Unitop stands out as a leading COB LED strip manufacturer in China. With a firm commitment to superior quality and pioneering technology, Unitop is here to illuminate your world with the best. We warmly invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, and let us light up your world. Contact us today, and let our professional team guide you to the best lighting solution tailored just for you.

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