What are the Advantages of COB LED Flexible Strip?

COB LED Flexible Strip

That is why we are so pumped on the latest LED Strip light technology–COB LED Flexible Strip. If you currently are familiar with LED flexible strip and are thrilled to find out how COB strips make the world of LED lighting even much better then check out on!

What is COB?

In the LED world, COB is the abbreviation of Chip on Board, which essentially indicates to package the LED chips straightly on the Printed circuit board. The ‘Chip on Board’ LED utilized on LED strip lights is likewise in some cases called a flip-chip.


Turn chip LEDs are generally a bare bones approach to structure of LED. The ‘flip chips’ that make up COB LED strips cut whatever from their style other than an LED chip, the yellow phosphor covering, and connection pads. This perfect design results in a big sie reduction, making them to be packed closer together and minimize the LED strip lights. If you look at normal SMD5050 SMD LEDs, it is a bulkier plastic reflector which encapsulates LED diode and then covers them with a phosphor coating.

How are COB LED Flex Strips Made?

The strips are produced with the very same quality PCB as our other LED flexible strip. Flip chip LEDs are positioned one by one down the center of the strips, so close to each other that there are 210 ~ 546 LEDs on every M! This LED stripes are finished after a phosphoer layer is put over the LEDs. By this way, the color temperature will be balanced and also there is a protective layer on the LEDs.

Advantages of COB LED Flexible Strip

Now you have a rough understanding of how this brand-new light innovation has actually been produced, it is time to see what makes them exceptional or much better for certain strip light applications.

No lighting spots, even in tight areas!

Among the greatest grievances about your standard LED strip is the lighting spots throughout the LED strip. A light pot is the term for the better locations through a component or strip where you can plainly see where the light is originating from. Light is far more welcoming and appealing when it appears like a smooth source of light, not a spotty mess.

With 5050 SMD Flex Strips the bigger sized diodes are loaded close so that at a distance the light is expanded and constant on the surface being brightened, however if the LEDs are too near the surface area or the strips themselves show up, the light spots are an eyesore which can not be neglected by the human eye.

COB LED tape light is being with more broader beam angle, stated as 180º.

Typical SMD LED strip light is with around 120º beam angle, even individuals might make it in high density like 700pcs SMD2110 per meter as below, however you can still see the light spots clearly.

with or without light spots


The strips up to 546 LEDs/M it would be quite hard to select out any light spots on the COB Flex Strips. The strip brightens a smooth, constant light from start to end up. The only genuine method to see light areas is to look at the back of the strip where it is simpler to see the separately put flip chip LEDs. Or there is another way to make the strips dim down around 5-10%. Then you can see the light spots. Thus this COB flexible strip lights are perfect for below applications:

  1. The strip itself can not be concealed from sight.
  2. The surface area that is being brightened is within 2 feet of the strip light.
  3. Reflective surface areas like granite/glass are around.
  4. Those applications where you desire a cool, neon impact.

Better Light

That’s right, these COB LED Flex strips are even brighter! At 1400 Lumens/M these are even brighter than many of our standard or high efficiency flexible LED strips! It is also more uniform from beginning to end.

More Flexible

The flexibility of these COB LED flexible strip is much better than standard LED flexible strips due to smaller sized diode size and even circulation of weight. THe LEDs are so tiny and closely placed on the strips. So you will see the same on any place of the strips. The harmony makes it simple to install these COB LED strips without having to prepare around a 5050 SMD LED sticking out where you do not require it. This wonderful flexibility makes it much easier to be installed into any tight spaces or turn-around corners for your projects.

COB flexible strip more flexible

More Efficient, Less Heat

When loading numerous LEDs in such a little area, efficiency can enter into concern. COB LEDs are exceptional in performance and heat dissipation comparing with other LEDs. They in fact perform at up to 18 Watts/ M.

They are likewise far better at release heat as they are installed straight to the flexible printed PC board. This helps them pass the heat easily down into the PCB instead of keeping everything locked tightly in the source of light itself. This decrease of thermal resistance within the high-density circuit significantly enhances the life time of the LEDs. Thus the flexible strips will last longer time.

Electrical Characteristics of COB Flex Strips

The benefits of COB Flex Strips ought to be quite clear if you have actually been taking note, so now lets enter a few of the specifics about this strip. If you recognize with LED strips than a great deal of this will sound familiar however there are a couple of distinctions with this strip so it is a great concept to take a look at the suggestions listed below prior to dealing with COB Strip Lights.

24VDC Powered

The COB LED flex strips use 24VDC. The additional voltage is required with many diodes loaded within the circuit. Please keep in mind to constantly utilize 24V input with these strips.

A couple of years earlier, 12V LED strip lights are most popular, while current years, 24VDC LED strips are more popular.

Compared to 12V LED strip lights, what benefits do 24V LED strips have? 24V LED strip lights run with half current as 12V LED strips, which is determined by power, current, and voltage. Under same wattage, the current on 12V LED strip is double as on 24V strips, so liftime for 24V strips is longer than that of 12V LED strips.

What is more: There are a lot of product variations for 24V than 12V. We can make it 5/6/7/ 8/9 per series. Thus consumers will have more options.

24V variation can be much better if a job requires long and constant setup of LED strips. The aspect is a regularly acknowledged problem “voltage drop”. Since the electrical resistance is unpreventable down the roadway of the strip, Voltage drop is the experience that electrical voltage decreases along the light strip.

Due to voltage drop, the light at the starting part of a prolonged LED light strip will be brighter than that at the end of strip. The voltage drop is smaller sized for a 24V LED strip than for a 12V LED strip. Numerous 24V LED strips can run continually approximately 10 meters (around 32 feet) without identifiable brightness decrease from the strip starting to complete.

Cut and Connect

The Strips can be cut like our other strip lights. The strips can be utilized once again after cutting, the finest method to make connections is soldering however if that isn’t a choice of utilizing COB Strip Connectors will do the same trick.

Color Variations

COB Flex strips are used in our basic white outputs: 3000K Warm White, 4000K Neutral White and 6000K Cool White.

They likewise look wonderful in Red, Blue and Green which are likewise offered.

COB LEDs color options

Strip Dimensions

The Strips are provided in 5meters per reel.

The PCB of this COB LED flexible strip is 5-8-10mm large and the phosphor LED finish sits about 1.6 mm high off of the PCB.


Then I recommend looking to COB LED Flex Strips, if standard LED flex strips simply will not cut it for your project. They are brand-new to the marketplace however these LED strips will begin ending up being commonplace in the LED Strip world. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any interest or concerns worrying COB LED Flex Strips.

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