13 Precautions For Installation of LED Strip Light

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In this article, we would like to share with you the 13 precautions for installation of LED strip light. Please read carefully before any installation.

13 Precautions for Installation of LED Strip Light

installation of LED strip light

1. Storage demands of LED strip lights

The silica gel of LED lights has wetness absorption properties. The light strips ought to be saved in a dry as well as sealed atmosphere. It is advised that the storage space duration is not too long. Please utilize or reseal it in time after unboxing. Please do not unbox before usage.

2. Inspect the LED strips prior to power on

The whole roll of LED light strips need to not be invigorated to brighten without taking apart the coil, product packaging, or piled up in a ball, so regarding avoid major heat generation and also cause LED failure.

3. It is strictly prohibited to press the LED with hard and also sharp items

The LED strip lighting is LED light bonded on copper wire or adaptable PCBs. When the item is installed, it is advised not to push the surface of the LED straight with your fingers or hard items. It is strictly prohibited to tip on the LED strip lights, so as not to damage the LEDs and let the LED light not light up.

4. LED strip lights cutting

When the flex light strip is set up, according to the length of the site installment, if there is a cutting situation, the light strip ought to be cut from the location marked with the scissors icon on the surface of the light strip. It is strictly forbidden to cut the light strip from other locations without cutting marks, which will create the strips to not light up. After the water resistant LED strip light is cut, it needs to be waterproofed at the cut point.

5. Take note of the surface neat and neat before installation

Prior to setting up the LED lighting strip, please keep the installment surface area clean and also free of dust, so as not to affect the sticking of the light strip. When mounting the light strip, please do not detach the release paper on the adhesesive surface area at one time, so regarding prevent the light strips sticking to each other throughout installment and also create the LEDs to be damaged. You should tear off the release paper while installing. The surface area of the light strip setup system have to be flat, particularly at the light strip connection plate, so as not to cause the light strip to be prone to failing and unequal surface area light to influence the general impact.

6. Do not twist the light strip when setting up

Throughout the installation process, it is purely forbidden to twist the the LED strip light body to prevent breaking the LEDs or falling off the parts. Throughout the installation of the strips, it is purely restricted to use external pressure to pull, and also the tensile pressure that the light strip can withstand is ≤ 60N.

7. Pay attention to the arc of the corner during installation

Throughout the installing procedure of the flex LED tape, in order to guarantee the life and integrity of the light strip, please do not bend the product at an ideal angle. The curvature of the light strip ought to be higher than 40mm to avoid damages to the soldering and circuit board of the light strip.

8. It is purely forbidden to make use of acid sealant

According to authoritative tests, the gas or fluid volatilized by acidic adhesives as well as quick-drying adhesives during healing has a terrific effect on the service life and also luminescent effect of the LED light source. It is suggested not to make use of acid sealant when installing the LED ribbon strip.

9. Restriction of live work

The LED strip light is small single LEDs welded on the flexible printed circuit board with a special manufacturing process. After the strips are installed, it will be energized and lighted on, as well as it is generally utilized for ornamental lighting. The normal input voltages are 12V and 24V low-voltage. In order to avoid damages to the light strips because of carelessness in the installing process and also operation procedure, it is purely forbidden to run the light strips when installing light strips at the same time.

10. Do not install the LED strips in excessive hot environment

The LED strip is a very fragile light source and should be handled with care. It is important to note that the LED strip should never be installed in an environment where excessive heat may occur. This is because of the high likelihood of the LEDs being damaged and thus preventing them from emitting light.

12. Do not install IP20 LED strip products in outdoor or wet location environments

Our standard LED tape light is IP20, if you need waterproof type, you can contact us easily to get IP65, IP67 or IP68 options.

13. Follow the local electrical regulation, best hire qualified licensed electrician for installation

It is important to follow local and national electrical regulations when installing LED flexible strips. Although the installation of LED flexible strip is quite easy, we highly recommend that you can hire a qualified licensed electrician to install them to achieve the best result.

In case you have further questions regarding LED strip light installation precautions, you can contact us immediately for help!

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