Flexible LED Ribbon with Top SMD2110 140LEDs/M

Flexible LED Ribbon Light is becoming more and more popular in homes, offices, outdoor spaces. It can be installed on the wall or any other surface. The advantages of using this technology are that it is cheap to maintain, easy to install, long lasting and most importantly they can make your space feel like your own little sanctuary. There are many places where you can use these lights such as for highlighting art work or just about anywhere else you need a bit of extra light.
Model No.UTFS-TS3140-2408
LED Qty:140pcs/m

Flexible LED Ribbon with Top SMD2110 140LEDs/M from Unitop

Standard features:

– They’re low maintenance.

– They’re easy to install.

– The colors change easily with a remote control or app on your phone.

Emotional benefits:

– You’ll feel more at home in your space.

– Your space will become a place of peace and tranquility.

– You’ll have a fun way to change up your lighting depending on your mood.

– They’re perfect for parties! Or even just hanging out with friends.

Formal benefits:

– They reduce energy consumption by 60% to 80%.

These are some of the many benefits that come with using flexible LED ribbon in your home or office. Whether you’re looking for a way to reduce your energy consumption, want to make your space more inviting, or are just looking for some fun and festive lighting, LED flexible strip lights are the perfect solution! Try them out today!

Unitop 90Ra flexible LED ribbon has various CCT options as below:

LED Flexible Strip CCT options

Our SMD2110 90Ra LED flex comes with various IP rating options:

LED Flexible Strip IP Rating Options

The cutting size of our Unitop flex LED ribbon:

cutting size of flexible led ribbon

This Unitop 24V 90Ra LED flex is with below lumen information:

  • CCT (°K)
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 6000K
  • Efficacy
  • 86.21lm/W
  • 86.21lm/W
  • 90.75lm/W
  • 90.75lm/W
  • Lumen/M
  • 889.7lm/m
  • 889.7lm/m
  • 936.5lm/m
  • 936.5lm/m

How to install our 90Ra CRI flex LED ribbon? You can find the wire diagram as below:

LED Flexible Strip wiring

Want to know the packing information? See below:

LED flex strip package

Below two cautions need your highest attention:

LED flex strip cautions

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our white LED strips:

  1. Do not install the LED strip in a location where excessive heat is likely.
  2. Do not run it for longer than the maximum suggested length.
  3. Only use copper wiring. Make sure the wires you’re using are rated for at least 176°F (80°C) and certified to be used with external equipment connections.
  4. Do not put IP20 LED ribbon strip products in locations with exposure to the elements or water.
  5. The product may be damaged by excessive handling, bending, and pressure, invalidating the guarantee.
  6. Wires that are not correctly chosen and installed could overheat, causing a fire.
  7. Do not connect straight to high voltage or AC power.
  8. Installation must adhere to local and national electrical code standards.
  9. Our strips are intended to be installed by a qualified, licensed electrician to guarantee safety and proper installation.

LED flexible ribbon lighting can be used in a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. Some popular applications include:

-Home theater: LED flexible ribbon lighting is perfect for home theaters because it provides even, unobtrusive light that doesn’t create hotspots. It can also be dimmed to the perfect level for watching movies or playing video games.

-Kitchens: LED flexible ribbon lighting is a great option for kitchens because it can be installed under cabinets, above countertops, or around the perimeter of the room. It’s also a great choice for task lighting since it produces very little heat.

-Bathrooms: LED flexible ribbon lighting is perfect for bathrooms because it’s safe to use in wet environments with water proof version and it provides a lot of light without taking up a lot of space.

-Outdoors: water-proof LED flexible ribbon lighting is perfect for outdoor applications. It’s also a great choice for decorative applications since it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

Listed below you will find some examples of the applications:

led strip back lighting

Back Lighting

led strip cove lighting

Cove Lighting

led strip under cabinet lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting

led strip under counter lighting

Under Counter Lighting

Below you will find FAQ of Unitop white LED strip ribbon with high CRI LEDs:

What is the 2110 SMD LED Strip Lights?

1. The smallest decorative lighting PLCC (plastic leaded chip carrier) product in the market is 2110.

2. Super strong bracket. It has excellent strength and durability, withstanding bending and breaking while retaining its structural integrity.

3. Small and adaptable, they may be readily customized to fit any design need.

4. The led strip’s dotless lighting requirement can be met with the most dense 700 LEDs/m, no graininess and dotlessness in the line of sight.

5. Light color splicing is easy to do with the small size and simple operation, allowing all colors of light to be individually tested and split, resulting in an accurate combination of various hues.

6. A rich spectrum of colors, providing a variety of white light items from 1700K to 10000K color temperature as well as various monochromatic light.

8. There is no difference in color! The market name “three-step single Bin supply” was solved, but there is still a color difference, regardless of the single batch supply or between distinct batches, with no color difference!

2110 SMD LED’s photoelectric parameters:

Package size: 2.1*1.0*1.1mm

Luminous flux: 6-8lm@20mA, 9-11lm@30mA

Forward Voltage and current: 2.7-3.5V, 30mA, 0.1W/LED

Indicates: CRI>90/95

Color temperature: 1800K – 10000K


Flexible LED Ribbon with Top SMD2110 140LEDs/M

IES/LDT Files:

4000K: IES | LDT | PDF

Spectrum Test Reports:





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