Super Long Constant Current LED Flex 50M/Reel

Get rid of those old, short, and ugly lights around your house, and give your space a new glow. Our high-quality, super long constant current LED flex will help you do just that. With a length of 50 meters/reel and constant current IC, you’ll get the best possible result every time!

Modèle n°.UTFS-CC1100-2412-50M
Qté de LED :100pcs/m
Voltage :DC24V
Wattage :9,6 W/M
CCT :2700K~6000K
CRI :>80Ra

Super Long Constant Current LED Flex 50M/Reel from Unitop

You can use these super long constant current LED flex in your kitchen, living room, backyard, and many other places.

The LEDs are integrated with constant current IC, and you can cut them at any length according to the cutting marks to make the perfect fit.

This super long constant current LED flex has a lifespan of over 50,000~100,000 hours, and it is a super long reel of 50m.

Unitop Super Long Constant Current LED Flex is with below CCT options:

Bande LED flexible Options CCT

Our super long constant current LED flex comes with below IP rating options:

Options de classement IP des bandes LED flexibles

The cutting size of Unitop super long constant current LED flex:

Super Long Constant Current LED Flex cutting size

This Unitop super long constant current LED flex is with below lumen:

CCT (°K)EfficacitéLumen/M

How to install our super long constant current LED flex? You can find the wire diagram as below:

Constant current LED strip wiring

Vous voulez connaître les informations d'emballage ? Voir ci-dessous :

Paquet de bandes flexibles LED

Les deux mises en garde suivantes nécessitent votre plus grande attention :

Précautions à prendre pour les bandes flexibles LED

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our super long constant current LED flex:

1. We do not recommend installing these IP20 LED strip products in outdoor or wet environments.

2. Excessive handling, bending, and pressure may damage the product, voiding the warranty. Do not use any sharp object to cut or poke the product at your will.

3. Wire selection and installation is critical part of electrical safety. Improper selection can lead to heat build-up, which could cause a fire. For example, aluminum wiring generates three times the heat as copper wiring. Therefore, choosing the right type of wire for each job is necessary and properly installing it to ensure that wires do not overheat and pose a fire hazard.

Super Long Constant Current LED Flex 50M/Reel has a variety of applications.

The super long constant current LED flex is a new product on the market which is quickly gaining popularity for its convenience of installation and ability to be customized according to customer needs. One of the main reasons this new product is popular with customers is that you can install it flexibly to provide customized lighting schemes.

Super long constant current LED flex is easy for home, office, commercial, and industrial. It is a good choice for people who need to have accent lighting in their room. The led lights are easy to install. You can connect them with the power lines using wire connections. The LED flexible strip light has different colors that you can choose.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques exemples d'applications :

LED strip light used in bathroom (7)

Eclairage de la salle de bains

LED flex tape used in bedroom (7)

Éclairage de la chambre à coucher

Flex LED ribbon used in commercial and architectural (7)

Éclairage commercial

flexible LED strip lighting used in restaurant (7)

Éclairage des restaurants

FAQ of Unitop Super Long Constant Current LED Flex:

What makes Unitop LEDs strips above those sold elsewhere?

The look of the LED strip can typically be deceiving. Although LED strips may look similar, their efficiency can vary extensively. The high quality of an LED strip relies upon using high-quality parts, heat dissipation, color uniformity with select binning, verifiable long life expectancies, reduced or little color moving over the life of the strip (chromaticity changes), as well as proven performance. Only the best parts are welcomed to our setting up flooring. We underpower our LEDs to make sure the strip stays impressive. It will undoubtedly be brilliant for many years and examine each strip for one day before leaving the manufacturing facility.

Unitop LEDs generate lighting that you need never have to go back out and fix. Our team believes we have genuinely produced a ‘collection as well as fail to remember’ solution.

Spécification :

Super Long Constant Current LED Flex 50M/Reel

Fichiers IES/LDT :

3000K : IES | LDT | PDF

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