Tira LED flexible blanca ajustable con SMD2835 140LEDs/M

Light up your life with these adjustable white flexible LED strip. These flexible strips are great for decorating and illuminating an array of surfaces. A quick and easy way to create your own unique light display. Great for use at events, parties, and even in the workplace! Simply cut to fit any shape or object. The possibilities are limitless!
Nº de modeloUTFS-CA1140-2412
LED Cant:140pcs/m

Adjustable White Flexible LED Strip With SMD2835 140LEDs/M from Unitop

After a long day, it’s always nice to come home to a comfortable environment. With Unitop adjustable LED flexible strip, you can create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. The LED light strip is easy to install, with three colors(warm white, natural white and daylight white) variation by controllers, and is easily able to be sticked onto any surface – whether that’s the roofing of your home or the underside of your cabinet.

Unitop Adjustable White Flexible LED Strips are with below CCT options:

Opciones de Tira Flexible LED CCT

Our 90Ra CCT adjustable white LED tape comes with below IP rating options:

Opciones de clasificación IP de la tira flexible LED

The cutting size of Unitop Adjustable White Flexible LED Strip:

Adjustable White flexible LED strip cutting size

This Unitop Adjustable White Flex LED Strip is with below lumen:

  • CCT (°K) & Power
  • 2700K 7W
  • 4000K 14W
  • 6000K 7W
  • Eficacia
  • 115lm/W
  • 120lm/W
  • 130lm/W
  • Lumen/M
  • 805lm/m
  • 1680lm/m
  • 910lm/m

How to install our Adjustable White LED lighting strip? You can find the wire diagram as below:

Cableado de la tira flexible de LED

¿Desea conocer la información de embalaje? Consulte a continuación:

Paquete de tiras flexibles LED

Las dos precauciones siguientes requieren su máxima atención:

Precauciones con las tiras flexibles LED

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our CCT Adjustable LED tape strips:

  1. LED Flexible Strips are designed to be used indoors.
  2. The LED strip lighting is not waterproof, if you want to use for outdoor, you can contact us for waterproof types.
  3. Never exceed the recommended lengths for installation.
  4. Do not bend the LED flex strip more than 30 degrees to avoid damage.
  5. You should not puncture the flexible LED strip. The LED ribbon strip emits a low voltage that is safe to touch, but if it is punctured, the voltage will be released and can be dangerous.

Adjustable White Flexible LED Strip With SMD2835 140LEDs/M have a variety of applications. Here are some examples:

In residential settings, LED strip lighting is often used as a replacement for halogen or incandescent light bulbs.

In commercial settings, LED strip lighting can be used as a replacement for fluorescent light bulbs.

In the kitchen, LED strip lighting can be installed under cabinets or shelves to reduce shadows and provide task lighting.

In a bathroom, LED strip lighting can be installed on the underside of a shelf or cabinet.

A continuación encontrará algunos ejemplos de las aplicaciones:

LED strip light used in bathroom

Iluminación de baños

LED flex tape used in bedroom

Iluminación del dormitorio

Flex LED ribbon used in commercial and architectural

Landscape Lighting

tiras de LED flexibles para restaurantes

Iluminación de restaurantes

FAQ of Unitop Adjustable White Flexible LED Strip:

How to install this adjustable white LED flexible strip?

Each LED strip is designed with a self-adhesive silicone backing. Simply peel off the protective paper backing, then apply the LED strip to a clean, dry surface.

What is the difference between LED strip and LED module?

There are few differences between LED strip and LED module, but the main difference is the type of light.

LED Strip: Is a long strand of LED lights that can be cut to desired lengths, and allows for a variety of cut lengths.

LED Module: Is a small piece of PCB board with LEDs mounted on it.

Can I cut the LED strip?

You can cut the LED strip according to the cutting mars by using a sharp blade or scissors. However, you must take care not to damage the strips.


Tira LED flexible blanca ajustable con SMD2835 140LEDs/M

Archivos IES/LDT:

2700K~6000K: IES | LDT | PDF

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