360° LED Neon Flex D25 Pro IP65 24VDC 10W

The 360° LED Neon Flex Pro series is a flexible and continuous light strip that incorporates a high-efficiency COB light source, ensuring exceptional luminous efficiency. It radiates uniform light in all directions, making it a versatile choice for signage, decorative lighting, and architectural applications.

Nº de modeloUTNF-360D25 Pro
Dimensión:Diámetro 25 mm
CCT:2000K, 2200K, 2400K, 2600K, 3200K, 4500K, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Orange
Tasa IP:IP65
UTNF-CV360D25 Pro 360° LED Neon Flex feature

Unitop 360° Silicone LED Neon Flex Rope Light D25 Pro has so many unique features, including but not limited to below:

High-Efficiency COB LED Strips:

Our 360° LED Neon Flex Pro series utilizes high-efficiency COB (Chip On Board) LED strips as its light source, ensuring powerful and consistent illumination. This advanced lighting technology not only provides superior brightness but also enhances energy efficiency, making it a cost-effective solution.

360° LED Neon Flex COB

Flexible and Malleable:

Our 360° LED Neon Flex boasts a distinct design that combines rigidity with flexibility, ensuring extraordinary pliability. Its versatile structure makes it suitable for a wide range of environments, easily conforming to intricate shapes and surfaces. This ensures both lasting durability and a visually appealing aesthetic.

360° LED Neon Flex structure

Alto CRI Más de 90Ra:

We use LEDs with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90Ra, leading us to name our product High CRI LED Neon Flex. Typically, a CRI of 90 or higher is viewed as excellent, while values under 80 are often seen as subpar.

Comparación CRI

IP 65:

Our 360° LED Neon Flex comes with IP65 protection and is resistant to UV rays, solvents, and saltwater. Its dot-free design ensures superior performance in both indoor and outdoor settings.

360° LED Neon Flex IP65

Dimensión y longitud:

Nota: La longitud de "L" es la longitud del Neon Flex, que es el múltiplo entero de la longitud mínima de corte.

UTNF-360D25 Pro 360° LED Neon Flex Specification

Datos eléctricos y de lúmenes:

Nº de modelo UnitopColorCCTCRIÁngulo de visiónLumen
Eficacia LM/WTensión de trabajoPotenciaTasa IP
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10WWBlanco cálido2000K≥90Ra360°3633624VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10WWBlanco cálido2200K≥90Ra360°3803824VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10WWBlanco cálido2400K≥90Ra360°4174224VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10WWBlanco cálido2600K≥90Ra360°4774824VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10WWBlanco cálido3200K≥90Ra360°5245224VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10NWBlanco natural4500K≥90Ra360°5475524VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10RRojo//360°58624VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10GVerde//360°6376424VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10BAzul//360°1031024VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10YYellow//360°4024024VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10OOrange//360°2402424VDC10W/MIP65
UTNF-360D25 Pro-10PPink//360°1161224VDC10W/MIP65

Cable Entry:

cable entry

Tome nota:

1. Por favor, diríjase al Descargar Sección para más detalles.

2. Suggested the installation of 360° LED Neon Flex to be made by the manufacturer, agent, or other qualified people.

3. Por favor, estudie las especificaciones anteriores antes de la instalación.

4. Los datos anteriores se basan en nuestro producto estándar. Por favor, sujétese a los datos reales de su producto si hay una ligera diferencia.

5. Los diagramas esquemáticos anteriores son de nuestro producto estándar. Por favor, sujétese a su producto existente si hay una ligera diferencia.

6. La potencia del driver LED debe ser al menos 1,2 veces la potencia total del LED Flex Neon utilizado para la fuente de alimentación.

7. No conecte las tiras directamente a la corriente alterna por seguridad.

8. Cualquier sustancia ácida o alcalina está prohibida.

9. Sin previo aviso en caso de actualización de este producto o de sus especificaciones.

10. Unitop se reserva el derecho final de explicación de la especificación anterior.

The following shows the main accessories of 360° LED Neon Flex:


Si desea más detalles sobre los accesorios, consulte nuestro Especificación.

No dude en comunicarnos si necesita algún accesorio exclusivo.

What’s the neon flex’s minimum bending radius and safe shaping method?

To ensure the life and reliability of the strip, please ensure that the diameter of the bending should be greater than 400mm.

When installing a strip longer than 2 meters, ensure two people work on it together.

During installation, please avoid continuous shaping for more than two circles with the minimum bending diameter and avoid twisting or irregular bending of the strip, otherwise it may cause irreparable damage to the product.

the minimum bending radius for the neon flex

Can I cut the 360° LED Neon Flex myself?

Customers must avoid cutting this product themselves, as improper cutting may harm the strip. If you need a specific length, please let us know beforehand.

We offer a customization service to tailor the product to your exact requirements. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter are greatly appreciated. Thank you for choosing our product and allowing us to provide you with the best possible service.

Are there any precautions regarding the power supply?

Are there any precautions regarding the power supply

To ensure maximum performance and safety, it’s crucial to use a DC24V isolated constant voltage switching power supply, specifically one with a ripple voltage below 5%. Employing power supplies of different types can result in product damage or serious safety risks. For operational stability, it’s advised to keep a power reserve of 20% in your power supply, effectively using only up to 80% of its capacity.

It’s imperative to avoid connecting the power supply to electricity directly as it poses a risk of electric shock. Always verify that the power supply’s voltage aligns with the product’s voltage requirements before initiating any wiring.

In instances where multiple power supplies are in use, it is essential to prevent the parallel connection of their positive poles. Such connections can lead to a destabilized power system and potential product damage over long-term use. Your attention to these guidelines ensures the longevity and safe operation of the product.

Can LED Neon Flex be used in newly renovated environments?

Studies have shown that substances like formaldehyde and benzene can lead to the discoloration or yellowing of silicone products. When these silicone items are used in newly decorated indoor spaces, where materials such as epoxy floor paint, wall paint, wallpaper adhesive, various decorating materials, or brand-new furniture are present, there’s a notable risk of emissions of formaldehyde and benzene.

To safeguard silicone materials from these detrimental effects, it’s advisable to either thoroughly eliminate any traces of formaldehyde and benzene from the environment following the completion of decoration activities or to ensure sufficient ventilation in the space for a significant period before the installation of the silicone products. This proactive approach can help maintain the integrity and appearance of the silicone materials in environments where they are exposed to potential contaminants from recent decoration or new furniture.


360° LED Neon Flex D25 Pro IP65 24VDC

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