COB LED Flexible Strip With SMD2016 512LEDs/M

We all want that ambient lighting that creates the perfect atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Now with this COB LED flexible strip, you can create the perfect light for any mood. This COB LED flex strip is with no lighting spots, it’s easier to place this strip anywhere without worrying about any shadows!

Model No.UTFS-COB8480-2408
LED Qty:480pcs/m

COB LED Flexible Strip With SMD2016 512LEDs/M from Unitop

Other light sources like CFL, LED, and high-power LEDs produce bright spots that create shadows in corners and other tight spaces. COB LEDs don’t. It is one of the best LEDs for LED flexible strips.

These LED strips are much more flexible than traditional flexible strips so they’re less likely to break while installation.

These LEDs use less power and produce less heat, so you can save both on your electric bill and brighten up a whole room with one strip! Plus there’s a variety of color options for you.

Unitop COB LED Flexible Strips have below color options:

COB LEDs color options

Unitop COB LED Flexible Strips are with below CCT options:

LED Flexible Strip CCT options

Our COB LED Ribbon Strip comes with below IP rating options:

LED Flexible Strip IP Rating Options

The cutting size of Unitop COB Flexible LED Strip:

Cutting size of COB LED flexible strip

This Unitop Flexible COB LED Light Strip is with below lumen:

  • CCT (°K)
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 6000K
  • Efficacy
  • 92.54lm/W
  • 92.54lm/W
  • 95.97lm/W
  • 95.97lm/W
  • Lumen/M
  • 1051lm/m
  • 1051lm/m
  • 1090lm/m
  • 1090lm/m

How to install our COB LED Flexible Strip? You can find the wire diagram as below:

LED Flexible Strip wiring

Want to know the packing information? See below:

LED flex strip package

Below two cautions need your highest attention:

LED flex strip cautions

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our COB LED Flexible Strip:

1. Don’t touch the power supply terminal with a wet hand when installing our COB LED strip light. If you’re installing it in an especially wet site, dry your hands first.

2. COB LED strip lights are delicate and require both gentle handling and installation. When installing, always make sure to apply the correct amount of pressure. If you apply too much force it may lead to damage of LEDs.

3. When installing COB LED strips, make sure you avoid mixing up power supply wires with the LED strip. This will cause the LEDs to not light-up or work in an effective manner.

Flexible LED Ribbon Light Strip With SMD5730 160LEDs/M has a variety of applications.

Decorative Lighting: The color and brightness of LED flexible strip can be changed at any time. This makes it perfect for decorating rooms in different colors or patterns at the press of a button.

Lighting for safety purposes in industrial environments can also benefit from this product, since it is available in lengths up to 160 feet long.

Outdoor lighting: LED flexible strip is perfect for illuminating pathways, gardens, pools, patios, etc.

Architectural lighting: Creating ambiance in store windows or highlighting store displays are some examples of how this product can be used in architecture projects.

Listed below you will find some examples of the applications:

LED strip light used in bathroom (17)

Bathroom Lighting

LED flex tape used in bedroom (17)

Bedroom Lighting

Flex LED ribbon used in commercial and architectural (17)

Commercial Lighting

flexible LED strip lighting used in restaurant (17)

Restaurant Lighting

FAQ of Unitop COB LED Flexible Strip With SMD2016 512LEDs/M:

Does Unitop make their very own COB LED strip lights or are you just a reseller?

We design the strips and also manufacture in our own manufacturing facility in Shenzhen city, China. We source and choose all of the components that are utilized and all of our strip lights are of the highest quality.

How long do COB LED light strips last for?

LEDs have an extremely long expected life-span, compared to both fluorescent as well as incandescent lights. With an ordinary life-expectancy of some 50,000 hrs, LED strip lights will certainly still be lighting on in 17 years’ time, long after their standard equivalents will have run out.

Are LED COB strip lights dimmable?

They are undoubtedly, but you likewise require to ensure you have a dimmable driver (unless you’re utilizing plug and play strip packages certainly). This is since LED strip lights rely upon a constant current source which can just be supplied by a driver that changes an a/c power supply to DC.


COB LED Flexible Strip With SMD2016 512LEDs/M

IES/LDT Files:

4000K: IES | LDT | PDF

Spectrum Test Reports:





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