150lm/W High Density LED Flexible Strip

We know you’ve been searching for a high density LED flexible strip light that offers high efficiency and comes in various colors. Well, here it is: Unitop high density LED Strip Light! This fantastic new product has many features and benefits, including energy-efficient LEDs with a lifespan rating of 50,000 hours. With this product, you can get the best quality at the lowest cost because there are no bulbs to replace or lamps to break.
Model No.UTFS-HE1080-2410
LED Qty:80pcs/m

Are you looking for new brighter LED strip lights?

High density LED flexible strip lights are the perfect solution to your lighting needs. They’re great for illuminating large spaces, and they can be cut to length or shape in any way you need. You can also control them with remote controls so that you don’t have to get up from your desk every time you want to change the brightness or turn it off.

LED flexible strips  are easy on your wallet too! They use less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs, which means they last longer and save money on electricity costs over time. And because these strips come in many different lengths, shapes, and colors, there’s one that will work.

– The high density LED flexible strip is made of high-quality ultra-bright LEDs.

The LED lights are one of the main features that make the strip stand out among other types of light. LEDs can save up to 50% more energy than other types of lighting, which means that they are environmentally friendly because you will be contributing fewer greenhouse gases to pollute the planet. LEDs also last much longer than other types of bulbs, so it’s unlikely that you will need to replace them any time soon.

– You can cut the LED flexible strip every 10cm or every 8pcs LEDs.

This means you can make the strip any size to suit whatever space you need it in.

– It has a CRI of over 80Ra. Higher CRI is also available. It can be one of Unitop best LED flexible strips.

A CRI is the result of a color rendering index. It considers how well colors can be distinguished under a light source and has a range of 0-100. A higher CRI number will allow for improved color representation and vibrancy.

– Super long lifetime – up to 50,000~80,000 hours.

LEDs typically have a longer lifespan than other types of light sources. This is because they don’t have any filaments that can easily break. LED lights can last for up to 50,000 hours, significantly longer than others. This means that you won’t have to worry about replacing as often, which will save you time and money in the long run!

High density LED flexible strips are a great way to help save money on your energy bill. If you’ve been considering this type of product, be sure to reach out and talk with our team today. We can answer any questions about the benefits or drawbacks of these products in person—and it won’t cost anything for us to take 30 minutes out of our day!

Unitop 150lm/W high density LED flexible strip has various CCT options as below:

LED Flexible Strip CCT options

Our high density LED flexible strip comes with various IP rating options:

LED Flexible Strip IP Rating Options

The cutting size of Unitop high density LED flexible strip:

cutting size

This Unitop high density LED flexible strip is with below high efficacy information:

CCT (°K)EfficacyLumen/M

How to install our high density LED flexible strip? You can find the wire diagram as below:

LED Flexible Strip wiring

Want to know the packing information? See below:

LED flex strip package

Below two cautions need your highest attention:

LED flex strip cautions

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our high density LED flexible strip:

1. Do not install the LED strip in an environment where excessive heat may occur.
2. Do not go beyond the recommended maximum run length.
3. Use only copper wire. Use wires rated for 176°F (80°C) minimum and certified for use with external electrical equipment connections.
4. Do not install IP20 rated products LED outdoors or in humid environments.
5. Excessive handling, bending, and pressure may damage the product and void the warranty.
6. Improper selection and installation of cables may cause the cables to overheat, resulting in fire.
7. Do not connect the product directly to high voltage or AC.
8. Installation must be in accordance with local and national electrical code regulation.
9. To ensure safety and proper installation, our strips should be installed by a qualified, licensed electrician.

Some typical application areas of high density LED flexible strip light:

-Commercial spaces such as offices, shops, and restaurants.

-Industrial spaces such as factories.

-In car interior decoration, especially when built-in or under dashboards.

-In lighting when combined with external power supply.

-In decorating, when it can be bent and curved according to the shape of the surface it is attached to. This field of application is more of home decorating.

-Industrial spaces such as factories, workshops, and warehouses

-Residential spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms

-Outdoor spaces such as gardens, yards, and patios

LED flexible strip lights are used in many different spaces, from offices to residential homes(you will love it if you use led light strips in a room). One of the most common applications is when it’s installed under a desk and can be controlled by an electronic switch or motion sensor. This provides light without any wires showing and makes for easy installation with no need for additional wiring. It also helps reduce energy usage because you don’t have to leave your desk lamp on all day long if you only use it occasionally throughout the day. For outdoor lighting such as gardens, yards, LED flexible strips help provide illumination that doesn’t take up much space while still emitting lots of bright white light that’s perfect for illuminating dark areas where there may not be enough natural sunlight available during certain seasons like winter. Additionally, LED flexible strips can be used as a security measure because they can cast an intense light in a specific direction which can help deter potential intruders.

Below you will find some examples of the applications of our high density LED flexible strip:

LED flexible strip back lighting 2

Back Lighting
LED flexible strip back lighting 1Back Lighting

led flexible strip shelving lighting

Shelving Lighting

led flexible strip accent lighting

Accent Lighting

Below you will find the FAQ of our high density LED flexible strip:

What is CRI, and why shall I care for that?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index, and it is a measure of how colors are rendered under different light sources. Natural sunlight has an index rating of 100, meaning that the colors appear as they naturally would with no adulteration from other factors such as bias or reflectance in favor of certain hues; this means high-quality lighting elements will always produce accurate color rendering when compared side by side over time because neither illumination source can affect what’s being shown without accounting for them beforehand! The bottom line: The higher CRI number you see on any advertised products typically ranges around 80-90+ these days.

What is the lifespan of your high density LED flexible strip lights?

They’ve been rigorously tested and have an expected life span longer than 10 years. If you used them for 12 hours every day, they would outlive even after that time has elapsed! The higher output strips need heat sinks to reach their full potential, so it’s essential to consider this when purchasing new lighting fixtures for any given space to ensure maximum illumination without overheating or burning anything down around us all.

What is color temperature?

The perfect light for your space! The most common colors in homes are between 2700 and 6000K, but you must choose a color that compliments the style of design or intention. For example: if one has a more modernized home with lots going on at once–then they might want cooler tones, whereas someone looking back centuries would prefer warmer shades to make things feel cozy again (and who hasn’t needed some extra warmth after returning from a freezing winter).

What is the lumen output of a LED flexible strip light?

This amount of light can be seen by humans, and it is used to measure how much brightness our eyes see. When comparing LED strips, you want to know about these other factors such as CRI (color rendering index), watt per foot rating with warranty period in between purchases- all things necessary when deciding which type will best suit your needs home or work.

How do I install the high density led flexible strip?

3M double-sided adhesive on the back of the strip allows for easy installation in most locations, but be sure to clean the surface thoroughly before mounting. Some surfaces may require additional measures, such as a scotch mount or other adhesives.

Can I cut the high density LED flexible strips myself?

If you’re looking for an easy way to create your custom light fixtures, then the answer is yes! These LED strips are made with cuts right at every 8 LEDs. Use sharp scissors and carefully refer to the cutting marks on the surface of the flexible strips.


High Density LED Flexible Strip

IES/LDT Files:

3000K: IES | LDT | PDF

Spectrum Test Reports:





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