How to Install LED Strip Lighting Under Kitchen Cabinets?

Installing LED flexible strips under kitchen cabinets

Mounting LED strip lighting below kitchen cabinets is a great way to add a dashboard of simple innovation. Add some additional lighting in the kitchen or usage LED strip light to produce sensational function pieces with a special sense of design. However initially, you will need a couple of tools to get going:

LED strip lighting
Aluminum profile (optional)
Sharp Scissor
Soldering Iron + solder
Hot Glue Gun
12V or 24V Adaptor/Transformer

Flexible led strip lights in Kitchen

1. Dry and tidy the surface.

Prior to sticking any strip lights, tidy the surface area of the location you will be positioning the lights on. This is important to keeping it mounted for a very long time ahead. It is advised to apply your strip lights on smooth stable surfaces. It should not be placed on harsh or textured surface areas or any surface areas that can bend or relocate.

2. Measure the location as well as cut the flexible strips.

You will certainly have to know specifically which size you require specifically for setting up the LED flexible strip. After that unfold the light strip and cut with sharp scissor according to the size. You need to cut the strips strictly according to the cutting marks on the strips.

3. Solder appropriately the LED flex strips.

Solder the LED strips suitably to suit the desired area of installation. You can include some solder to the copper cables which get on the transformers and afterwards you can solder the cords onto the LED strip lights tape. Ensure care is required to solder the correct cables to the right solder pads. P.S.: Ensure to make use of the proper 12V or 24V adaptors/transformers.

4. Switch off the mains power as well as connect the transformer to power.

Ensure that you have actually switched off the main source of power prior to proceeding with next step.

You then need to wire the transformer to the mains source of power. The transformer needs to have three wires, the brown wire which is the live wire, blue wire which is the neutral wire and afterwards the yellow or green cable which is your earth wire.

You after that to match the appropriate wires to the mains power source, you will after that need to link these by soldering all the cords with each other.

5. Install the 12V or 24V adaptor.

Then screw the transformer beneath the kitchen area or shower room closet guaranteeing it is mounted out of site.

6. Mount LED flexible tapes.

As soon as you have actually the transformer set up securely, you can after that start to set up the LED tape. Beginning getting rid of the sticky support from the LED strip, then you can safeguard the LED strip lighting out of view underneath the desired closet. For the best result, we advise that you position the LED strip lights near to the edge of the underside of the closet to aid develop a good ‘halo’ like radiance from underneath. If any cord gets on show or suspending, you can make use of the warm adhesive weapon to glue these to the underside of the cupboard so they run out sight.

7. Affix LED flex ribbons to controller and adaptor.

Once your strip lights are safeguarded, you can connect it to the controller(if necessary) as well as power adapter.

8. Switch on and also enjoy.

Switch on everything on to make certain whatever is in working order. You can now enjoy your brand-new LED lighting which looks amazing, great work!

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