Constant Current LED Flex Ribbon 40M/Reel

Say goodbye to tangled lights! With Unitop constant current LED Flex ribbon, your lights are always neat & easy to reach. With its 40 meters (131 feet) length, you can light up any room with just one or several reels. And with its constant current IC, SMD2835 LEDs, this product is energy-efficient and durable.

Модель №.UTFS-CC1120-2410-40M
LED Кол-во:120 шт/м
Ватт:8.64 ВТ/М

Constant Current LED Flex Ribbon With SMD2835 120LEDs/M 40M/Reel from Unitop

Constant current IC provides soft light and brilliance.

SMD2835 LEDs have a life span of up to 50,000 hours and can be extended to 100,000 hours due to the low power consumption.

Suitable for multiple kinds of applications such as backlighting, decorative lighting, information guide boards, etc.

Unitop constant current LED flex ribbons are with below CCT options:

Опции светодиодной гибкой ленты CCT

Our constant current LED flex ribbon comes with below IP rating options:

Светодиодная гибкая лента Варианты рейтинга IP

The cutting size of Unitop constant current LED flex ribbon:

Constant Current IC LED Strip Light cutting size

This Unitop constant current LED flex ribbon is with below lumen:

CCT (°K)ЭффективностьЛюмен/М

How to install our 2835 Constant Current LED Flex Ribbon? You can find the wire diagram as below:

2835 Constant Current LED Flex Ribbon wiring

Хотите узнать информацию об упаковке? Смотрите ниже:

Пакет гибкой светодиодной ленты

Приведенные ниже два предостережения требуют Вашего самого пристального внимания:

Меры предосторожности при использовании гибкой светодиодной ленты

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our constant current LED flex ribbon:

1. There are some crucial things to keep in mind when plugging in constant current LED flex ribbons. The first thing is to make sure you are not plugging it into high voltage or AC power. High voltage can be really dangerous, and AC power can cause damage to LED flexible strips, which are designed to use with DC only.
2. Installing LED flexible strip must be done following the local electrical regulations. A certified electrician should do the installation to avoid any safety issues.
3. The safety of our customers is always our top priority. Our constant current LED flex ribbons are intended to be installed by a qualified, licensed electrician who understands your specific installation guidelines and electrical codes. If you’re not a licensed electrician, please hire one to do the installation for you!

Constant Current LED Flex Ribbon With SMD2835 120LEDs/M 40M/Reel has a variety of applications:

The application of constant current LED flex ribbon is quite popular these days, and they are widely used in home, office, commercial and industrial.

LED lighting is a more sustainable option for many businesses. It helps to save on energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Besides, it also helps to save on maintenance time.

Constant current LED flex ribbons are the most popular LED lighting type on the market today. They are incredibly versatile and can be used in various applications from residential to commercial buildings, as well as any building with high ceilings.

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FAQ of Unitop Constant Current LED Flex Ribbon:

Can Unitop constant current LED flex ribbons be cut?

Yes, they can be cut to wanted lengths. Please do comply with the cutting marks on the strips.

Do Unitop constant current LED flex ribbons have a sticky on the backs?

Unitop LEDs strip lights have a 3M adhesive tape that enables an effortless and safe installment.

What is the difference between rope lights as well as LED strip lights?

Although rope lights have a more significant run length and lower pricing, the benefits of strip lights outnumber those of rope lights. Strip lights are unbelievably intense and easy to install due to their dimension, technology, and adhesive. They can also be found in a selection of colors and have dimming alternatives. However, one of the essential aspects to note when contrasting the two is the enormous distinction in light quality, where strip lights (specifically Unitop’s LED strip lights) are beyond doubt above rope lights. You can find here an article about rope light vs LED flexible strip.


Constant Current LED Flex Ribbon 40M/Reel

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