Zickzack LED-Streifen RGBW mit SMD5050 48LEDs/M

The S-Shape design of this Zigzag LED strip can make it bent up to 90°! Never worry about not being able to form the shape you want for your room again with this flexible and bendable LED strip. The adhesive backing and connectors on the strip allow you to create any angle or design you want, and the adhesive tape is also easy to remove without any residue left behind.

Modell Nr.UTFS-SS6048-1212RGBW

Zigzag LED Strip RGBW With SMD5050 48LEDs/M from Unitop

Special-designed Zigzag shap flexible PCB makes the LED strips bendable in every direction easily.

Four channel flexible led strip with RGB+W/NW/CW, 4-in-1 chip SMD LEDs.

Can be cut every 3 LEDs(every 62.5mm), easy for installation.

Suitable for various projects including office, home, commercial and industrial.

Unitop Zigzag LED Strip RGBW has different colors as below:

COB-LEDs Farboptionen

Unitop Zigzag LED Strip RGBW white colors are with below CCT options:

Flexible LED-Streifen CCT-Optionen

Our Zigzag RGBW LED Ribbon Strip comes with below IP rating options:

IP-Optionen S Shape LED flexible Streifen

The cutting size of Unitop Zigzag flex Strip RGBW:

cutting size Zigzag LED Strip

This Unitop Zigzag LED Light Strip RGBW is with below lumen:

  • CCT (°K)
  • RGBW2700K
  • RGBW3000K
  • RGBW4000K
  • RGBW6000K
  • Wirksamkeit
  • 27.87lm/W
  • 27.87lm/W
  • 28.98lm/W
  • 28.98lm/W
  • Lumen/M
  • 222.1lm/m
  • 222.1lm/m
  • 231.5lm/m
  • 231.5lm/m

How to install our Zigzag Flex LED Ribbon? You can find the wire diagram as below:

Drahtverbindung S Shape LED flexible strip

Möchten Sie die Verpackungsinformationen wissen? Siehe unten:


Die folgenden zwei Hinweise erfordern Ihre höchste Aufmerksamkeit:

Vorsichtsmaßnahmen für LED-Flexstreifen

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our Zigzag LED Strip RGBW:

Do not install the LED flexible strip RGBW in a location with high temperature or high humidity.

Do not install the S shape LED strip RGBW in a location where relative humidity is higher than 65%.

Do not install the RGBW LED tape lighting in a location where corrosive gas (e.g. Cl2, H2S, NH3) is present.

Install the LED ribbon strips on a flat and even surface to make sure the perfect installation.

Zigzag LED Strip RGBW With SMD5050 48LEDs/M has a variety of applications.

The Zigzag RGBW LED flexible strip light is a new type of LED strip light that can mix colors and adjust the color temperature. This type of light has a variety of applications and can be used anywhere, such as:

1) Home: Interior decoration and lighting

2) Restaurant: Interior decoration and lighting

3) Exhibition Hall: Interior decoration, highlighting features, and lighting

4) Store: Interior decoration and lighting

Nachstehend finden Sie einige Beispiele für Anwendungen:

LED strip light used in bathroom (11)

Beleuchtung im Badezimmer

LED flex tape used in bedroom (17)

Beleuchtung im Schlafzimmer

Flex-LED-Bänder für kommerzielle und architektonische Zwecke (17)

Kommerzielle Beleuchtung

flexible LED-Beleuchtung für Restaurants (14)


FAQ of Unitop Zigzag LED Strip RGBW With SMD5050 48LEDs/M:

What is the lifespan of Zigzag LED flexible strip RGBW? What is the warranty?

-The lifespan of a LED flexible strip depends on the quality and the usage of the LED. In general, a good quality LED can last about 50,000 hours.

-In general, three-year warranty.

What voltage do this RGBW LED strips work on?

Unitop Zigzag RGBW LED flexible strips work on 12 volts DC.


Zickzack LED-Streifen RGBW mit SMD5050 48LEDs/M



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