24V seitlich abstrahlender LED-Streifen mit SMD3014 120LEDs/M

This 24V Side Emitting LED Strip Light is perfect for indoor use, with a luminous efficacy of 85lm/W. It has a wide viewing angle of 120° in the horizontal direction, making it ideal for illuminating staircases, walkways, and curved walls. With a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and no mercury or lead content, this strip light is environmentally friendly and very energy efficient.

Modell Nr.UTFS-SE4120-2408

24V Side Emitting LED Strip Light with SMD3014 120LEDs/M from Unitop

The SMD3014 side view LEDs are eye-catching, offering a clean & crisp light output.

With an 8mm width, this LED side emitting LED strip is the perfect solution to illuminate applications for your home.

The flexible design allows for this product to be twisted into any shape you want.

Extremely energy efficient, it does not consume much power and is low in cost.

Unitop 24V Side Emitting LED Strip Light has below CCT options:

Flexible LED-Streifen CCT-Optionen

Our Side Emitting LED Ribbon Strip comes with below IP rating options:

IP Options Side Emitting LED Strip

The cutting size of Unitop Side Emitting LED Lighting Strip:

cutting size 24V Side Emitting LED Strip Light

This Unitop Side Emitting LED Strip Light is with below lumen:

  • CCT (°K)
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 6000K
  • Wirksamkeit
  • 81.19lm/W
  • 81.19lm/W
  • 90.44lm/W
  • 90.44lm/W
  • Lumen/M
  • 805.9lm/m
  • 805.9lm/m
  • 895.4lm/m
  • 895.4lm/m

How to install our Side View LED Tape? You can find the wire diagram as below:

LED Flexible Strip Verdrahtung

Möchten Sie die Verpackungsinformationen wissen? Siehe unten:


Die folgenden zwei Hinweise erfordern Ihre höchste Aufmerksamkeit:

Vorsichtsmaßnahmen für LED-Flexstreifen

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our 24V Side Emitting LED Strip Light:

Side emitting LED flexible strip with wire lead is an easy to install product, but it is also the most susceptible to being damaged by over-bending.

The installation surface must be a flat and dry surface.

The installation surface cannot have a slope greater than 1/8 inch per foot or have a slope in either direction of more than 1/4 inch per foot.

The installation surface cannot have any protrusions that may damage the product.

24V Side Emitting LED Strip Light with SMD3014 120LEDs/M has a variety of applications.

The side emitting LED flexible strip is primarily used in the decoration of event, exhibition, showroom. But also can be applied in the decoration of exterior of commercial building with lighting effect.

The side emitting flex LED strip is used in lighting applications such as under cabinet lighting, cove lighting, and cove lighting.

The side view LED lighting strip is used in architectural and interior design applications such as in structural and decorative elements, accent lighting, and stage and theater lighting.

Nachstehend finden Sie einige Beispiele für Anwendungen:

Flex LED ribbon used in commercial and architectural (26)

Kommerzielle Beleuchtung

LED flexi strip used in Kitchen (26)


LED strip light used in living room (2)

Beleuchtung im Wohnzimmer

LED strip lights other applications (3)

Other Lighting

FAQ of Unitop 24V Side Emitting LED Strip Light with SMD3014 120LEDs/M:

Are these side emitting LED strips waterproof?

No, our standard products are not waterproof. If you need water proof, you can Kontaktieren Sie uns directly.

What is the best way to fasten side emitting flexible LED strip lights?

For best results, We have used 3M double sided adhesive tapes on the back of strips to keep the lights firmly in place.

What is the warranty?

We offer 3 year warranty for all of our LED strip lights.


24V seitlich abstrahlender LED-Streifen mit SMD3014 120LEDs/M



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