Blue COB LED strip with 480LEDs/M, 8mm width PCB

This Blue Flexible COB LED strip with 480 LEDs/M, 8mm width PCB belongs to our High-Efficiency Series COB LED strips. If you are looking for high-efficacy blue COB flexible LED strips with less wattage to be environmental-friendly, this can be a perfect choice. It will save more energy for you.

Номер моделі.UTFS-HECOB480-2408B
Кількість світлодіодів:480pcs/m
COB LED Strip-single color-480-8mm-5m

Unitop High Efficiency Blue Series COB LED flexible strip has so many outstanding features including below:

No Lighting Spots:

Don’t want to see any light spots on LED strips? Why not try Unitop COB LED strips. Even comparing with LED strips with SMD2110 LEDs, 700LEDs/M, you will see that COB LED strip is much softer without any light spots.

1. 2110 vs COB

Minimum Yellow Spots:

Want minimum yellow spots? Unitop COB LED strips have smaller viewing angle of yellow spots than other strips available in the market. You will feel more confortable under such humanistic lighting environment.

2. Yellow spot
2. Yellow spot 2

Color Purity:

Don’t want to feel aweful in lights? You need higher color saturation COB LED strip. Thanks to the choice of best phosphor and core band.

3. Color purity

Color Consistency:

Chips are chosen on the basic of minimum voltage current scope, and the used Phosphofor for each color temperature chip is from the same chip brand, also the same type. This ensure all the strips which we provided with same color. You will get even no complaint from your clients about color difference.

4. color consistency

Inverted COB Gold-Free Technology:

Still worry about the heat dissipation about the strips? Thanks to the Inverted COB Gold-Free Technology, the heat is released directly through the FPC, you will feel cooler on COB LED strips than common LED strips. Finally there will be no complaints from your clients about LEDs burnt out due to heat problem.

5. Inverted COB Gold-Free

Circuit Board(FPCB):

Highest quality flexible circuit board(FPCB) are chosen to ensure there is no difference in brightess from the beginning to the end. Below you will see which types FPCB we are using. You will feel assured about the quality of our strips.


Cutting of COB LED strips:

There are clearly minimum cutting lines and pads on the COB strips. As the distance between two LED chips is too close, we suggest you cut the COB strips while light on the strips with lower current. Normally DC12V COB LED strips can be cut every 25mm, while DC24V COB LED strip light is cuttable every 50mm.

7. FPC cutting
12В vs 24В Розмір різання

Best Quality Silicone:

Not only the chips but also the silicone which we used shall be the best quality without light spots and uniform brightness. The silicone gel which are using have below advantages: soft, smooth, and strong adhesion. Low quality silicone gel is fragile and easy to be separated from FPC.

9. Good quality silicone


Want waterproof type COB LED strips? Try from Unitop please. We have 4 types: IP65(Silicone Glue), IP66(Silicone Tube), IP67(Extrusion Molding), and IP68(Silicone Tube & Silicone Glue). With waterproof technology, you will be able to use our COB strips in any situation you may want. P.S.: Currently our High Efficiency Series COB LED strips are available in IP20, IP65, IP66 & IP67.

10. Водонепроникний
Номер моделі Unitop.КолірWave LengthCRIКут оглядуЛюмен
Ефективність LM/WРобоча напругаСтрум (мА/М)Влада
UTFS-HECOB480-2408BСиній455-465 нмн/д180°150.418.824 В ПОСТІЙНОГО СТРУМУ3408W/M


1. Suggested the installation of Світлодіодні стрічки COB to be made by the manufacturer, agent, or other qualified people.

2. Please study the above specification before installation.

3. The above data is based on our standard product. Please subject to your actual product data if there is a slight difference.

4. The above schematic diagrams are from our standard product. Please subject to your existing product if there is a slight difference.

5. The LED driver wattage must be at least 1.2 times the overall wattage of the LED strips used for the power supply.

6. For safety, do not connect the strips directly to the AC.

7. Any acidic or alkaline substance is forbidden.

8. No prior notice in case this product or specification is updated.

9. Юнітоп reserves the final right of explanation of the above specification.

We kindly suggest that you use below aluminum profiles, end caps, covers, mounting clips with this COB LED strip.

If you have any specific accessories requirements, please feel no hesitate to let us know.

Why do you call this strip “High Efficiency Series COB LED strip”?

Because this series of strips are with highest efficiency, we have lowered down the current on the LEDs in order to increase the efficacy and decrease the wattage. If you are looking for saving more energy, this is the right choice.


Blue COB LED strip with 480LEDs/M, 8mm width PCB

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