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    We offer high efficiency LED flexible strip with efficacy more than 150lm/W, available in different CCT including 2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K, CRI more than 80Ra, 90Ra or even 98Ra. IP20, IP rating as IP20, IP54, IP65. Welcome your inquiry!

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Unitop Provides Best Quality High Efficiency LED Flexible Strips

Unitop is the best high-efficiency LED flexible strips manufacturer, supplier, factory in China. With over 17 years of manufacturing and OEM experience, our products have been exported to more than 50 countries. For same quality products, our prices are much lower than other competitors. Because We have suitable LED strips raw material partners. We have the confidence and ability to make you more money and create a better reputation.
We have always maintained the spirit of innovation. Every year, we constantly develop new products or innovate based on present products. We also accept OEM or ODM according to customers’ special requirements.

High efficiency SMD2835 LED flexible strip

Features of High Efficiency LED Flexible Strip

Unitop manufactures top-quality high efficiency LED flexible strips with various unique features. Below you will find detailed features.

Highest Quality

At Юнітоп, we never compromise on quality, and our high efficiency LED flexible strips have a 3-year warranty.

Ultra Bright

Юнітоп high efficiency LED flexible strips adopt high density SMD2835 LEDs to achieve the highest efficacy of more than 150lm/W.

Easy Install

Юнітоп high efficiency LED flexible strips come with cutting marks. Effortless to install, and you can use them without any hassles.

Various Options

We have different CCT options vary from 2700-6000K, IP ratings vary from IP20 to IP68, and CRI more than 80Ra or even 98Ra.

Асортимент продукції

Номер моделі.ПродуктКількість світлодіодівНапругаПотужністьLumen/MSpec. and Test reports
UTFS-HE1064-2408Високоефективна світлодіодна гнучка стрічка64pcs/mDC24V4,8 ВТ/М700-750lm/mЗавантажити
UTFS-HE1080-2410High Density LED Flexible Strip80pcs/mDC24V7,2 ВТ/М1000-1100lm/mЗавантажити
UTFS-HE1128-2410High Efficiency Flexible LED Strip128шт/мDC24V9,6 ВТ/М1400-1600lm/mЗавантажити
UTFS-HE1160-2410Ultra Bright Flexible Light Strip160pcs/mDC24V14,4 ВТ/М2100-2300lm/mЗавантажити
UTFS-HE1192-2410Super Bright Flexible LED Tape192pcs/mDC24V18W/M2500-2700lm/mЗавантажити
UTFS-HE1240-2410High Lumen LED Flexible Light240шт/мDC24V19,2 ВТ/М2700-2800lm/mЗавантажити
UTFS-HE1480-2415Ultra Bright Flexible LED Strip Light480pcs/mDC24V40W/M6200-6600lm/mЗавантажити

Важливо! Номер моделі. Визначення:

“UT” stands for “Unitop”, “FS” stands for “LED Flexible Strip”, “HE” stands for “High Efficiency”, “1” stands for “SMD2835 LED”, “064 or 080 or 480” stands for “64 or 80 or 480 LEDs/m”, “24” stands for “24VDC”, “08 or 10 or 15” stands for “8mm or 10mm or 15mm PCB width”.

Відображення товару

Having special requirements?

We usually have raw material stocks for our standard high efficiency LED flexible strip products. However, if you still can not find exactly what you need. Please kindly help to send us the below information:

  • Специфікація

    Please tell us your requirements regarding LEDs, color, efficacy, length, IP rating, etc. Do you need extra functions such as dimmable and more?

  • Заявка

    Please let us know more about your project and application. Our professional team will offer you the best solution under your budget.

  • Кількість

    Please tell us the quantity you need. We usually do not have MOQ requirements, while more quantity helps you get lower prices.

  • Гарантійний термін

    Please let us know your warranty requirements. We usually will offer a 3-year warranty for our standard products. Different warranty periods will involve different solutions in raw materials and others.

Корисні статті про вибір світлодіодних стрічок

Поширені запитання

Typically Unitop high efficiency LED flexible strip has an efficacy of more than 150lm/W.

Unitop high efficiency LED flexible strip is made with SMD2835 LEDs, the most widely used LED chips in the lighting business.

Our high efficiency LED flexible strip can be 64LEDs/m, 80LEDs/m, 128LEDs/m, 160LEDs/m, 240LEDs/m, or 480LEDs/m.

We also offer custom-made services for our high efficiency LED flexible strip.

Typically SMD2835 led is 0.2w/pc with a size of 2.8mm*3.5mm.

SMD2835 is the most cost-performance led chip.

The price is the best compared with SMD3825, SMD5050, SMD5630 led chips.

Because of the excellent price, LED strip light with SMD2835 LEDs is the best-selling led strip light.

When using a high efficiency LED flexible strip, we need to use a LED power supply with 24VDC output. You can find стаття about how to choose LED power supply.

Below you will find how to connect LED flexible strip to LED power supply:

Without dimmer:

how to connect LED strips to power supply 1

With dimmer:

how to connect LED strips to power supply 2

Unitop high efficiency LED flexible strip can produce very high lumen output which is incredibly bright with perfect CRI. You can use them for task lighting, backlighting, accent lighting, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, bar lighting, refrigeration, industrial applications, photography, and more. In which there are special requirements about the high brightness.

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