Creatieve manieren om LED-stripverlichting in uw huis te gebruiken

LED-strip verlichting in uw huis

LED-strip verlichting supply tremendous adaptability in creative home lighting. The strip may be cut to any dimension, with various lumens and also colors offered as wanted. Creative ways to use LED strip lights in your home include:

Uplighting – e.g. cornice
Downlighting – e.g. cooking area closets
Splashback illumination – e.g. TV/mirror/picture structure

LED Strip Lighting – Creative House Lighting

LED strip lights supply a wide variety of house lights choices. Imaginative use of LED strip illumination could consist of imaginative ideas such as under-parasol lighting in the garden and stairway step lights in the residence (both perfect for a night celebration feel). Here are some usual imaginative ideas on exactly how to enhance the aesthetic appeal in your home and also yard utilizing LED strip lights.

Television Screen -LED strip illumination can be used to great impact in creating splashback illumination. Apply the LED strip to the rear of the TV and also place the television close to a wall to achieve a backlit glow.

Image Frames -LED bulbs do not discharge damaging UV rays or extreme warm, suggesting closeup use with décor is possible. Apply LED strips to the back of picture frames for stand apart screens.

Stairs (hand rails) -LED strip lighting can be used along the underside of handrails to develop a soft downlight environment on stairs. This is both cosmetically pleasing as well as practical.

Mirrors (bathroom/hallway) -Applying LED strips to the rear sides of a mirror can assist to create excellent shadow-reducing splashback illumination levels (much less harsh than a front light vanity mirror).

Under Cabinets (& toe kicks) -LED strip lights gives excellent “task lighting” options. Light up kitchen worktops, bathroom cupboards, as well as other residence cabinets with view-enhancing downlights.

Room Cornice (uplight/downlight) -Decorative cornices over doors or around the edge of spaces usually have a recess appropriate for household LED strip lights – create ambient uplighting/downlighting easily.

Water Resistant LED Flex Strips – Water Characteristic & Moisture Areas

Decking -Plan the layout of any type of garden decking to include a mild overhang. Accent this overhang and also frame the outline of the decking area with refined down illumination using LED strip lights.

Bushes/Trees -LED strip lights can be used to add gentle backlight luminosity to any type of garden foliage. Connect the strip lights to the trunk/stem of little trees and bushes for best outcomes.

Garden Water Feature -Include a soft glow to water features such as ponds and also plumbed water fountains using water and effect resistant LED strip lighting (the power supply should be housed securely).

Fish Tank LED lighting -Indoor aquariums typically feature minimal lighting solutions. Include water resistant LED strip lighting to the inside or outside of the fish tank for extra accent lighting.

When considering techniques of home lighting utilizing LED strip lights, there are lots of imaginative paths that might be taken. Remember, LED strip lights are powered by means of a transformer (a little electric box) that connects the strip of lights to key power. Adequate space in which to place the transformer should be considered when choosing where to put the LED strip.

Considerations – Power Supply & IP Rating

LED strip light might be used in the house or yard. Put simply, a risk-free power supply as well as a surface area on which to adhere the strip is all that is required. However, there are numerous various other factors to consider over the appropriate setup of LED strip lights in the residence or yard, such as where to house the power supply and which IP rating is needed:

Power Supply -LED strip lights are powered through a transformer. Make sure to pick the correct transformer in fitting with the product information supplied with the LED strip. The transformer makes sure the strip is not strained by reducing the voltage of European mains (around 230 V) to the voltage required (for a standard strip this is generally around 24V).

IP-waarde -Where LED strip lights are most likely to come into contact with water (e.g. garden, water feature, bathroom), items with the ideal water resistant residential properties ought to be installed. The IP rating system highlights which electrical products appropriate for use in or around water, with IP67 and also IP68 offering trustworthy splash and also dust resistance.

Can I Cut LED Strip Lighting to Dimension?

Yes. LED strip permits genuinely imaginative lighting services as the strip may be reduced in length to match any kind of space. Relying on the length of the LED strip, marked cut points might be found at normal intervals ranging from every 2.5 centimeters to every 10cm (different LED strips will have different cut point intervals).

Creating Ambience – What are Lumens as well as the Kelvin Range?

Unlike the obsolete Electrical power system (which gauges the amount of power required to light the light bulb, despite the bulb’s illumination when light on), lumens offers a straight sign of the amount of light generated by a bulb. For instance, a common 40W-60W bulb amounts a 6W-9W LED light bulb, as both produce around 400-800 lumens. More powerful bulbs are not encouraged for creating setting. But what concerning the sort of light produced? This is determined by the Kelvin range. The Kelvin scale begins at 1,000 Kelvin as well as varies as much as 10,000 Kelvin. The product info accompanying LED items will certainly show the Kelvin reading for that product, with a center reading of about 5,000 Kelvin amounting to daylight. Lower readings create softer orange as well as yellow tones, as well as top readings show that the bulb will create clinical brightness. Therefore a bulb in the 0 – 5,000 Kelvin range is optimal for creating ambiance.

In case you have other creative ways, you can contact met ons opnemen to exchange ideas together.

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    It’s really impressive to see how many ways you can use LED strip lights. Using these kinds of lights could really add some pretty unique looks to our rooms, especially if we can use different kinds of mood-setting colors. As soon as I find an electrician in the area, I’ll ask them to help us out with installing LED lights in the right places.


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