Striscia flessibile a LED

Unitop LED flex strip is a type of LED lighting that can be bent, twisted, and shaped into any desired form. They are typically used for decorative purposes but can also be used as an accent light or backlight in large rooms. With the recent advancement in technology, led flexible strips have become more affordable, making them popular among homeowners who want to save money on their utility bills without sacrificing style.

Modello No.UTFS-TS1140-2408
Qtà LED:140pcs/m

LED flex strip with high CRI LEDs from Unitop

Standard features:

– Energy efficiency

– Low power consumption

– Instant on/off without warm up time

– Long life span, lasting 10+ years – Great for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

– Flexible design allows the strip to be shaped in any way you like.

Emotional benefits:

– Make your house feel more welcoming with a soft glow of light around the doorways and windows.

– Add a bit of festive cheer to your holiday decor.

– Create a romantic atmosphere for a special night in.

– Turn any dull space into an exciting, vibrant one.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to using bendable LED strips. Some of the most popular applications include:

– Indoor lighting: under cabinets, cupboards, home bars, bookshelves,

– Outdoor lighting: decks, driveways, garages, paths.

Unitop LED flex strip with high CRI LEDs has various CCT options as below:

Striscia flessibile a LED Opzioni CCT

Our LED flex strip comes with various IP rating options:

Opzioni di classificazione IP della striscia flessibile a LED

The cutting size of our Unitop high CRI LED flex strip:

cutting dimension of LED flex strip

This Unitop high CRI LED flex strip is with below lumen information:

CCT (°K)EfficaciaLumen/M

How to install our LED flex strip? You can find the wire diagram as below:

Cablaggio di strisce flessibili a LED

Volete conoscere le informazioni sull'imballaggio? Vedi sotto:

Pacchetto di strisce flessibili a LED

Di seguito sono riportate due avvertenze che richiedono la massima attenzione:

Avvertenze per le strisce flessibili a LED

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our LED flex strip:

One of the most challenging tasks for many people is installing Unitop LED flex strip. I’ll walk you through it step by step.

1. The first thing you need to do is measure the desired length of the LED flex strip to ensure that it will fit your space. You should also measure the thickness you want your LEDs to be spaced at and the width you want them to be spaced.

2. Create a straight line on each end where you will install the LED flex strip by measuring out exactly how far apart you want them, every inch or so. This will serve as a guide to help make sure they are evenly spaced throughout your space once they are installed.

3. After everything has been measured, it’s time to cut the LED flex strip. Make sure to cut at the markings you made in step 2 so that each end is a straight line.

4. Now it’s time to install the LED flex strip! Clean and dry the surface where you will be installing it.

5. Peel off the adhesive backings of the LED flex strip and press firmly onto the surface.

6. Find a drill that best fits your LED flex strip, then use it to make holes into the walls where you would like the LED strip to be installed in.

7. Take down one of the ends and feed the LEDs through the drilled hole and out of whichever side is more convenient for you.

There you have it! That’s how you install Unitop LED flex strip.

You can utilize LED flex strips for a selection of different areas, some of which are listed below:

1. LED flex strip application in decoration.

In decoration, LED flexible strips can be used to achieve different effects. For example, it can create a colorful effect on the wall or ceiling or highlight specific parts of the room.

2. LED flex strip application in home theater.

In home theater, LED flex strip can be used as a backlight for the TV or as a light source for the projector. It can also be used to create a more immersive experience by lighting up the surrounding environment.

3. LED flex strip application in the office.

In the office, LED lighting strip can be used as decoration lighting. It can also be used as a task light to provide focused lighting where needed most.

4. LED flex strip application in stage lighting.

In stage lighting, LED strips can be used to create different effects or highlight specific parts of the stage. For example, it can be placed along the edge of the stage to create an outline effect around the borders. When these strips are programmed to change colors automatically, they can also create unique visual effects.

5. LED flex strip application in outdoor and bar lighting.

Outdoor and bar lighting, LED flexible tube strip can be used as decoration lighting. You can also use it to create different effects such as directed light, blinking lights, and changes in color.

6. LED flex strip application in advertisement.

In advertising, bendable LED strip is widely used to highlight products or logos advertised. For example, you can wrap it around the edges of a display cabinet or around signs at outdoor advertisements to attract attention from people passing by.

7. Other applications of LED flex strips are not mentioned above.

LED flex strips has many other applications that are not mentioned above but are creative and interesting.

Di seguito sono riportati alcuni esempi di applicazioni:

led strip bedroom lighting 3

Hotel Room Lighting

led strip bedroom living room

Livingroom Lighting

led strip kitchen lighting

Illuminazione della cucina

led strip bedroom tunable lighting

Residential Bedroom Lighting

Below you will find the FAQ of Unitop LED Flex Strip with high CRI LEDs:

1. What is LED flex strip?

LED flexible strip is a long, thin tube with small lights all along the inside of it used to decorate or illuminate a surface or an object. The strips can be cut at different lengths and plugged together to create a variety of shapes and patterns – straight lines, varying widths, circles, spirals, etc.

2. Who should install LED flex strips in the home?

Many modern households opt for LEDs as accent lighting around the house due to their affordability and convenience over traditional lightings such as light bulbs or chandeliers because they come as light fixtures that do not require any extra wiring lamps do. They also offer an extensive range of colors and combinations of colors that you cannot achieve with regular lights.

3. How much does an LED flex strip cost?

A basic strip of LED flex strip will cost between $5 and $10, while a more advanced set might range between $15 and 20. This is very affordable illumination compared to other lighting fixtures, which have bulky bodies and are heavy enough to damage trees or shrubs if installed incorrectly. If you are looking for something specific, then it’s better to pay a little extra rather than settling for just any product that may not match your needs. The price of the strip varies based on length, type of lights used, features offered by the manufacturer, etc. There are also cheaper models available where quality might suffer, but these are temporary (e.g., Christmas decorations) and should not last more than a season or two.

4. Why are high-quality LED lights better for you and your pet’s health?

LEDs offer instant, bright illumination when switched on, making them safer to use when moving around in the dark or in dimly lit areas such as hallways that lead outside, etc. They also save up to 90% of the electricity compared to other traditional lighting options (e.g., light bulbs). Quality is essential because it directly affects how long the LEDs will last and whether they offer the brightness needed to safely navigate through dark spaces like stairs at night without injuring yourself due to tripping over objects hidden in darkness (e.g., toys left on the floor by the kids).

5. When do I need to replace my LEDs?

LED flex strips are said to last up to 100,000 hours before needing replacement, but in some instances, people have reported having their strips fail after just a few months or even weeks. Since LEDs don’t get hot when turned on, they cannot melt like regular light bulbs, so they can be mounted in more hazardous locations without worrying about getting too close to flammable materials, which could cause fires if they fall over, etc. But remember that there is still electricity running through these LED lights and should be treated with the same degree of respect as other lighting fixtures – do not touch while switched on, make sure nobody else touches them either, avoid using near excessive moisture or water, don’t use them as decorations for food, etc. LED strips are also unsuitable for freezing weather where the temperature falls below -20C (-4F) because their performance will be severely affected.

6. What are some of the features offered by LED flex strip?

LED strip lights can come with a range of unique features that allow you to customize them to your requirements. E.g., they can contain motion sensors that will turn on and off automatically when people or animals move nearby, and they have timers that do the same thing after a set period without being switched manually. There are also wireless models available, so you don’t need to install any cables but instead attach the strip light wherever needed and link it to a power source. Other features might include waterproofing so you can use the strips outdoors or in bathrooms, remote controls for easy switching on and off, and even display panels that show the current time, date, or weather conditions. With all these extra features, it’s essential to read the product description carefully before purchasing to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

7. How do I install a LED flex strip?

This will depend on the type of LED flex strip purchased – some come with adhesive backings that can be attached directly to a surface, while others come as wires with connectors at either end that need to be linked together. If you are not comfortable doing this job yourself, it is best to get somebody else to do it for you because it involves electrical work and wiring.

8. Where can I buy LED flex strips?

Many online retailers sell LED flex strips, but make sure to read the product descriptions carefully before purchasing so you know exactly what’s included in your order – e.g., type of LEDs used, length of cable available, remote control features, warranty period, etc. You can also choose to buy directly from Unitop or our distributors worldwide.


Striscia flessibile a LED


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