High Voltage 230V LED Strip Light, RGB, 10W, IP66

With a high-voltage RGB controller, you can directly connect this RGB High Voltage 230VDC LED Strip to the mains AC230V. It is a type of LED Strip lights without transformer. Thus this strip will save a lot of expense for you and your clients. It makes the installation super easy and very suitable for DIY projects.

LED mennyiség:96pcs/m
Watt teljesítmény:10W/M
DC230V 50M RGB LED Strip

Unitop High Voltage 230VDC RGB LED flexible strip has so many outstanding features including below:

Low Voltage LED Strip vs High Voltage LED Strip:

Traditional Low Voltage LED strip typically comes with 24VDC or 12VDC, which is 5m/reel. You have to use external LED drivers. However, you do not need any driver if you use this High Voltage RGB LED Strip which is LED strip lights without a driver/transformer, it is 50M per reel, and you can connect this whole strip to AC230V after connecting to a high voltage RGB controller. This will save you a lot of work and space.

1. 50M long

High-Quality High Voltage Linear IC:

This linear IC ensures the constant current on every LED on the LED tape. So you can see the strip’s brightness is the same from head to tail. This IC is also with over temperature protection. This makes the strip super stable, and you don’t have to worry about quality problems.

2. High voltage linear IC
3. 50M no brightness difference

Fuse on Each Group of LEDs:

There is a fuse on each group of LEDs. This IC is with over voltage, over current, and short-circuit protection. This again increases the stability of the product.

4. Fuse in each group

Extrusion Hollow Molding Technology:

Inside arc and outside square structure, strong pressure resistance. The silicone is UV resistant, high-temperature resistance, yellowing resistance, good heat dissipation, flame retardant, and good flexibility.

5. Extrusion Hollow Technology

VDE Rubber Cable:

This cable is VDE certified, double insulation, is much safer and has an integrated waterproof IP66 design.

6. VDE rubber cable

500mm Cuttable:

You can cut the strip every 50cm. It is so easy and very flexible for installation.

500mm cuttable
Unitop modellszám.SzínesWLCRINézési szögLumen
Hatékonyság LM/WMűködési feszültségÁram (mA/M)TeljesítményMinimális vágási hosszIP-arány
UTFS-HV2835-96RGBRGB620-625nm, 525-530nm, 462-467nmn.a.120°33233230VDC4310W/M500mmIP66


1. Suggested the installation of 230V LED strips to be made by the manufacturer, agent, or other qualified people.

2. Kérjük, telepítés előtt tanulmányozza a fenti specifikációt.

3. A fenti adatok a standard termékünkön alapulnak. Kérjük, hogy a tényleges termékadatokra vonatkozzon, ha van egy kis eltérés.

4. Any acidic or alkaline substance is forbidden.

5. No prior notice in case this product or specification is updated.

6. Unitop fenntartja a fenti leírás magyarázatának végső jogát.

We kindly suggest that you use the below accessories with this 230V LED strip.

Ha bármilyen különleges tartozékkal kapcsolatos igénye van, kérjük, ne habozzon, ossza meg velünk.

Can I connect this strip directly to AC230V?

No, you can’t. Because it is RGB color, you need to connect to a  high voltage RGB controller before directly connecting to AC220-240V.


High Voltage 230V LED Strip Light, RGB, 10W, IP66

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