LED-Flexi-Streifen mit SMD3528 60LEDs/M

LED flexi strips are perfect for setting the mood in any room, but they can be difficult to install? Well not anymore! With this Unitop LED strip, you simply peel and stick it to the surface where you want it to be, turn on the lights and enjoy!

Modell Nr.UTFS-CS5060-2408

LED Flexi Strip With SMD3528 60LEDs/M from Unitop

Featuring the latest LED technology, SMD3528 LEDs are brighter and more efficient than ever.

Easily cut around this LED flexi strip to fit into small spaces or modify to suit your needs.

With a CRI of 90Ra, have confidence in the quality of light you’ll be seeing.

Unitop LED Flexi Strips are with below CCT options:

Flexible LED-Streifen CCT-Optionen

Our LED Ribbon lighting comes with below IP rating options:

LED Flexible Strip IP Rating Optionen

The cutting size of Unitop LED Flexi Strip:

LED Flexi Strip cutting size

This Unitop LED Flexi Lighting Strip is with below lumen:

  • CCT (°K)
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 6000K
  • Wirksamkeit
  • 103.27lm/W
  • 103.27lm/W
  • 115lm/W
  • 115lm/W
  • Lumen/M
  • 535.8lm/m
  • 535.8lm/m
  • 596.7lm/m
  • 596.7lm/m

How to install our LED Flexi Strip? You can find the wire diagram as below:

LED Flexible Strip Verdrahtung

Möchten Sie die Verpackungsinformationen wissen? Siehe unten:


Die folgenden zwei Hinweise erfordern Ihre höchste Aufmerksamkeit:

Vorsichtsmaßnahmen für LED-Flexstreifen

Please also pay attention to below issues while installing our LED Flexi Strip:

1. Take note of the surface neat and neat before installation: Prior to setting up the light strip, please keep the installment surface area clean and also free of dust, so as not to affect the sticking of the light strip. When mounting the light strip, please do not detach the release paper on the adhesesive surface area at one time, so regarding prevent the light strips sticking to each other throughout installment and also create the LEDs to be damaged. You should tear off the release paper while installing. The surface area of the light strip setup system have to be flat, particularly at the light strip connection plate, so as not to cause the light strip to be prone to failing and unequal surface area light to influence the general impact.

2. Do not twist the light strip when setting up: Throughout the installation process, it is purely forbidden to twist the the light strip body to prevent breaking the LEDs or falling off the parts. Throughout the installation of the strips, it is purely restricted to use external pressure to pull, and also the tensile pressure that the light strip can withstand is ≤ 60N.

LED Flexi Strip With SMD3528 60LEDs/M has a variety of applications.

Lighting: The LED lights can be used for general lighting purposes. For example, they can be installed in your workstation for better illumination and productivity.

Lighting Design: The LED lights can be used to set the mood or create an atmosphere, such as for a party or celebration. You could use them to turn your home into a glowing oasis at night.

Safety: They can also be used to increase safety around your house by lighting up dark pathways or stairs leading to your front door.

Healthcare: The doctors could use wearable LEDs that change colors depending on their health status.

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FAQ of Unitop LED Flexi Strip With SMD3528 60LEDs/M:

Are LED strip lights safe enough?

When mounted and made use of properly, led strip lights are as safe as any other electric light resource. When mounting LED strip lights, we constantly suggest you consult qualified electricians.

Are LED strip lights economical to run?

Yes. LED strip lights are extremely affordable to run. This is since LED converts 90% of its power right into light, making it one of the most cost-effective light around. As an example, the expense to run a typical 10W LED strip light is roughly ₤ 10 a year. Take a comparable incandescent light source as well as you can expect to invest ₤ 60 a year in energy expenses!


LED-Flexi-Streifen mit SMD3528 60LEDs/M


3000K: IES | LDT | PDF

Spectrum Test Reports:





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