180lm/W High Density LED Strip, 80LEDs/M, 8mm PCB

This Unitop High Density LED Strip Light comes with 7.2w/M total 1300lm/M. The efficacy of this strip can reach up to 180lm/w if RA>80 and 160lm/w if RA>90. So you don’t have to worry about the lumen while adopting them in projects which have special requirements for brightness. We are proud to offer a 5-year warranty on this amazing product.

Model No.UTFS-HD2835-080-2408
LED Qty:80pcs/m
CRI:80Ra or 90Ra
High Density 180lm

This High Density LED Light Strip has so many outstanding features including below:


Traditional low-intensity LED strip is or less than 100lm/W which is with Energy Efficiency Class F, while Unitop 180lm/W high-density LED strip is with Energy Efficiency Class C which is super energy saving.

Energy Efficiency Class C

CRI>90Ra Option:

If you need 90Ra, we can also make it for you. However, the efficacy will go from 180lm/W down to 160lm/W.

High Density 160lm

3-Step MacAdam Ellipse:

LEDs that we used are 3-step MacAdam Ellipse. You can refer to the below explanation of different step comparisons.

1-step binning = differences are not visible.
2 & 3-step binning = differences are not or hardly visible.
4-step binning = differences are visible.


Various White Color Options:

You can have 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, or any other white colors you need from us.

8. Different white colors

Various IP Options:

Despite the standard IP20 version, we also have other IP options as below:

IP65: Silicone Glue
IP66: Silicone Tube
IP67: Extrusion Molding
IP68: Silicone Tube & Silicone Glue

IP Options High Density LED Strip UTFS-HD2835-080-2408

Dimension and Length:

Dimension High Density LED Strip UTFS-HD2835-080-2408

Electrical and Lumen Data:

Unitop Model No.ColorCCTCRIView AngleLumen
Efficacy LM/WWorking VoltageCurrent (mA/M)PowerMinimum Cutting LengthIP Rate
UTFS-HD2835-080-2408WWWarm White2700K80Ra or 90Ra120°1166/1037162/14424VDC3007.2W/M100mmIP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
UTFS-HD2835-080-2408WWWarm White3000K80Ra or 90Ra120°1217/1073169/14924VDC3007.2W/M100mmIP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
UTFS-HD2835-080-2408NWNatural White4000K80Ra or 90Ra120°1296/1152180/16024VDC3007.2W/M100mmIP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
UTFS-HD2835-080-2408CWCool White6500K80Ra or 90Ra120°1282/1138178/15824VDC3007.2W/M100mmIP20, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68

Wiring Diagram:

Wiring 1 High Density LED Strip UTFS-HD2835-080-2408
Wiring 2 High Density LED Strip UTFS-HD2835-080-2408


1. Suggested the installation of high density LED strips by the manufacturer, agent, or other qualified people.

2. Please study the above specification before installation.

3. The above data is based on our standard product. Please subject to your actual product data if there is a slight difference.

4. The above schematic diagrams are from our standard product. Please subject to your existing product if there is a slight difference.

5. The LED driver wattage must be at least 1.2 times the overall wattage of the LED strips used for the power supply.

6. Do not connect the strips directly to the AC for safety.

7. Any acidic or alkaline substance is forbidden.

8. No prior notice in case this product or specification is updated.

9. Unitop reserves the final right of explanation of the above specification.

We kindly suggest that you use the below accessories with this best high density LED strip.

If you have any specific accessories requirements, please feel not hesitate to let us know.

Why do you call this product High Density LED Strip?

Because it is ultra bright, 180lm/W, while CRI is 90Ra for 4000K, it is the most luminous LED strip available in the market.


180lm/W High Density LED Strip, 80LEDs/M, 8mm PCB

IES Files:


Spectrum Test Reports:



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